You had both loving parents and sister Kate. Your dad was very good engineer and studied alone black magic. Your sister sometimes stolen his books about evil power which possessed her soul. She together with Michael tested alchemy and magic on prisoners after on castles employees too. She beat you and locked in the prison cell but you STILL ALIVE. Now in the castle everyone's dead except your sister and you. You know what is her main goal. Your cell is opened after five years.

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I'm giving this a ****** 1/10.
This guy put no thought into this mod and is quite frankly an absolute *** whenever you rate his mod low. Such a egotistical dev... hopefully he won't make another mod.


KrustiClawn says

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*Opens a redbull and takes a deep breath*

Where do I begin?

The valve that is "stuck" could still be turned. The gate could only open up after I used the hammer on the valve that wasn't stuck to begin with. Logic for the win!

I had to get up to the library, but I coulnd't just break it down with my hammer like I could with the door right next to it NOOO of course not! Instead, I had to go down to a sewer and be chased by a water monster so I could drain the deeper part of the sewer.

I died instantly by the toxic gas because nothing told me it was dangerous (except for the note I picked up when I realized the gas will kill me again if I keep moving) and since I walked through deep blue fog earlier with the annoying brute that refused to leave me alone, I didn't thought that this other fog was that dangerous.

I died in there again later on after taking the medicine thing and, since you didn't add a checkpoint, I spawned at the start of the map with the gas trigger still on. I almost died by the gas again even though I wasn't close to it.

One of the three cogwheels in the machine room fell down. The machine still worked.

Several "holes" in the walls here and there (walls not correctly placed togheter).

And why did Michael not just help us out earlier? Why wait for five years?


To be honest with you, there are so many bugs I can't even type them all down due to the review limit. What kind of stupid *** beta testers did you actually hire? Are they blind, or ignored the errors?

You did work a lot on the story line and the chest and thalers thing is a very nice touch.

I'm giving you a 5/10 for your hard work. +1 point because this is the only story that made me laugh so hard so I almost cried (no offence, but this is so full of errors and your voice acting hilarious so I couln't resist to laugh about it)

Next time, fix the bugs before you upload your story and hire testers that knows what the heck they are doing...

6/10 - Decent

You just came to my mod page and just 1 rated it and thinking that I rated your mod 1/10 and stuff when I didn't even do anything or I didn't know u.

ale gowno


ShiningBlader says

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Finished this CS and here are my thoughts

--> 1st map: I liked the mapping and the only puzzle were the "use acid on slime" which wasn't difficult. The silenced grunt made me happy, 'cause I always enjoy silenced monsters. The use of coins to open chests is great and not used by, like, 99% of the CSs.

What I didn't like: poofer in the closet. Not funny.

--> 2nd Map: Jesus christ, those brutes gave me a run for my money. I thought it was GREAT and HARD! I died twice in this map (and I usually try not to die in CSs).

--> 3rd and 4th Map: I got stuck here because the only hint that the player gets is that the door to the study is LOCKED. Do you know what I mean? it means that players will often look for a key. The fact that you could smash the door isn't explained anywhere. Change the mementos please. I had to use the Tutorial for this one.

Also, I don't think the poofer close to the sewers entrance was necessary at all but that is just me.

As for the mansion itself, I really liked the mapping. I also enjoyed dodging those 2 brutes once you get the east wing key.

--> 5th Map (sewers): I had a little problem with the 3rd wheel. Basically, those boxes are underwater and I couldn't see, for the sake of me, the box that would allow me to get to the 3rd wheel (it was the one in the farthest corner). Please try to make the boxes more visible.

As for the gas puzzle, I didn't like it. It didn't say anywhere that I needed to use 2 levers to open the main gate, it only said that the levers to drain the water were AFTER the main gate.

--> Last map: dear lord this one was HUGE. Aaaaand not clever. I didn't knew you had to use the ladder to get the key for the laboratory and had to use the tutorial for the second time. Next time make the character do some sort of observation like looking up and wondering what is up there or something.

Glitch: I don't know if it was on purpose but when I save and reload (had to use the tutorial), the chests cost NO MONEY to

A scary custom story indeed. Very atmospheric and had a tense and gave a uneasy feeling the whole time. The map design was well done except alot bugs/glitches here,obvious ones to unfortunately and there (mostly in dungeons area but also the with the valve etc.)
nice voice acting, The scares lied most in its unpleasant horrific atmosphere but some nice scares thrown at you to keep it interesting. The puzzles you did a decent job at. The library area freaked me out lol. Was propably the music/sounds. You most be doing something right.

A strong 8/10 from me but if you fix mostly those bugs/tweaks in a new patch or something il for sure give it a 9/10 because the story was well made.

Thats just my opinion.


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