Steel and Sword is a huge mod for Mount and Blade Warband. Hundreds of new weapons, armors, and troop types are added. Better, more realistic battles, rebalanced costs and income, and much more make the game more challenging, entertaining, and fun. Credit for all models goes to all of the generous artists on the Open Source Forums and the creators of the ACOK mod. This mod is in no way a duplication of any other. If anyone reposts the mod on another sight, please credit me. Thanks and enjoy!

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I have done so much with this mod over the past year that I have forgotten some changes, but I will list all that I remember.

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Much more realism in the game. More income from fiefs but a much higher cost to lead armies... Core Changes

  • More realistic eating. One unit of food feeds four troops, but your army eats two meals per day.
  • Tournament betting options now include "150 denars"
  • Loss of renown is substantially slowed
  • Fief income raised
  • Troop wages raised
  • Arena is more challenging with specialized opponents, but also more rewarding to player.
  • Guild Master option in town menu
  • New and Improved character creation
  • More troops can be recruited at one time from taverns
  • Siege towers move twice as fast
  • Tax inefficiency max percentage lowered from 65% to 45%
  • AI Lords and Marshalls have much larger armies
  • Faction Lords have certain skills, depending on their original faction
  • Improvements are built faster

Troops, Gear Changes

  • More Challenging Enemies
  • More modifiers are present for gear
  • All weapons are more lethal
  • New Horse added (Northerner Horse), Horses rebalanced
  • New arrows
  • Over 50 new weapons added, old ones rebalanced as well
  • New Armors, rebalanced old armors, some new models for a few old armors
  • Heavy armor requires more strength to wear
  • More options for plate armor
  • New Helmets
  • Sword Sisters buffed a lot
  • All troops have attributes rebalanced. A huscarl with only 7 strength is a joke.
  • New troops... at least 25, probably more
  • Redone Sarranid troop tree... no more does one have to use shitty footmen and guards, but they are still in the parties and garrisons of AI lords

New Parties

  • Tribal Warriors
  • Smugglers
  • Mercenary Raiders
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