Stargate: Legacy started off as a conversion of the popular StargateTC to the source engine, but now is an independent mod using the latest Source engine technologies. For those who might not know, SGL, just like SGTC, is based on the popular TV show Stargate SG-1. There are currently two versions of Stargate Legacy, both of which are multiplayer only. Single player will not be started until we are satisfied we have reached a multiplayer release that requires minimal attention from the devs, allowing us to focus on other projects.

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This is the worst multiplayer mod i have ever played. Its so boring, so huge (which is bad coz its very uneventful even with alot of players). Almost zero players who are actually active playing this piece of crap. Guess everyone are smart enough to realize how lame this **** is

Très bon mod, une chose aurait peut-être dut être revue, ça aurait été de créer d'autres Gamemod que les contrôles point


This has potential. It's fun and refreshing to be able to have a Stargate mod that's worth playing. Though it needs some more work I think this mod is pretty good. It could use a bit of work on some of the models and a few more maps.


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