This Sins of a Solar Empire modification brings the various Stargate franchises into the fold. Choose your race as the Tau'ri, Asurans, Goa'uld, Wraith, or Asgard. Build your empire, research technology, command mighty warships, engage in diplomacy, make allies and trade. The Invasion has begun...

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just a little update for everyone. Basics about Rebellion, and the Titans.

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Hello fans,

I just wanted to update everyone on the status of the mod as of 330PST today. I talked with JTaylorPCS about the mod, where it's at, where it's going and what we need to do. And as such, we have a plan.

We will be releasing one more time for Diplomacy with the new models, including Titans, so that everyone can get a good feel of the mod as it will be when we convert over to Rebellion after the release.

On the Subject of the Titan's, J and I were discussing the full extent of the modifications we will be performing, and have come up with the following for both Titan's and factions:

Tau'ri : IOA (Loyalist) Titan Class
Rogue Russians (Rebels) Anastas Class

Wraith : Both Loyalists and Rebels will have the Super Hive as their Titans

Asuran : Both Will have Atlantis, as it would be perfect to both sides.

Asgard : (Loyalist) Thor Class
(Rebels) Ragnarok Class

Goa'uld/Jaffa : (Loyalist) Anubis Class
(Rebels) Apophis Class (currently)

Now for our Initial release, for both Diplomacy and Rebellion, there will be only 1 Titan per side. This is to make sure that the coding is sound, and that we can work on the models as we work on the rest of the mod. Thank you all for reading this bit of news, hope to have more for you soon!



Can make up a story for the rebellions like for the Asurans the rebel factions would like to ally them selves with the tauri in order to defeat the wraith and for wraith the rebel faction would like to hibernate and return centurys later / leave the Pegasus galaxy to another (excluding milkyway) galaxy like the ori galaxy as for the Asgard one will be like loki( or there that now have the courage to do what he did in order for the survival of the races) as for the Jaffa/g'uld faction ovious.

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I think that the better alternative for the Agarad rebel faction would be Pegasus'Vanirs, while Wraith rebels could represent Todd's faction.

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This is great

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Thanks guys, keep up the great work

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jtaylorpcs Creator

we have already started work on the back story that will tie into the existing SGI back story this will be released soon.

thanks jay

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Can't wait for the realease :D

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any estimate to the Rebellion Release?

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501General Online

Anubis or Baal fit the rebels better , as they went against the system lords.

also for the Tauri (humans)the Russians aren't that active and are actually allies, the Trust on the other hand have hijacked ships and gone on the offensive,
Loyalists = government,
Rebels = The Trust (corporations/shadow agency)

just an opinion from a stargate fan

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Will the introduction of the titans bring an updated ship list for factions? If that were the case, would the Destiny take the existing slot of the Atlantis if the Asuran titans will be Atlantis? It would make more sense to replace the current Asuran colony frigates with the Destiny seed ships instead if that were the case.

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Epytron_Omega Author

The list for the asurans has been tweeked a little. More to come on that in my news post.

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