StarCraft: The Destiny Is Unknown is a mod with modified units with abilities similar to StarCraft II and new story which is related with StarCraft II story, new campaign... To play campaign, in game menu go to "play custom" and "CAMPAIGN" folder and select zerg, terran or protoss missions... First version is 1.0 beta which haves only one mission for every race. Newer versions will be with full campaign.

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Unit changes:
-Marine: increased health to 45, costs minerals50.
-Firebat: firing missiles instead of flame thrower, increased health to 125 and costs minerals125 gas25,
effective against most ground units.
-Ghost: increased health to 100, damage to 20, costs minerals200 gas100, effective against small units, standard abilities.
-Vulture: health is 90, damage 12 but 3x faster shooting, very effective against small ground units, weak against larger ground units, costs minerals100.
-Tank (normal): damage decreased to 20 but 2x faster shooting, costs minerals150 gas 125.
-Tank (siege): damage 50 but 30% faster shooting, 2x larger range of damage.
-Goliath: health 400 (massive unit) damage to ground 45 explosive, to air 16 with fast-firing hellfire missiles, costs minerals300 gas200.
-Wraith: health is 120, firing missiles on air and ground, damage 16, costs minerals150 gas75.
-Dropship is standard.
-Science Vessel is standard.
-Battlecruiser: health 550, laser damage 10, very fast shooting, costs minerals400 gas300.
-Valkryle: health 140, ground bomber damage 6 per rocket, costs minerals250 gas150.

-Zergling is standard.
-Hydalisk: damage 12, costs min100 gas50.
-Mutalisk: 40% faster shooting.
-Scourge is standard.
-Gurdian: health 275, ground damage 24, morph costs min150 gas 150.
-Devourer: health 250, air damage 20, 2x faster shooting, morph costs min100 gas100.
-Ultralisk: health 600, damage 20, costs min300 gas200.
-Defiler: armored ground unit, health 145, ground damage 16, costs min75 gas25.

-Zealot: health 100/50 shields, damade 16, costs minerals100.
-Dragoon: health 80/80 shields, lasers damage 14, costs min125 gas50.
-Templars are standard.
-Archon: 30% faster shooting.
-Shuttle (called immortal): health 200/100, powerfull ground unit which looks like dragoon, firing yamato gun to ground with explosive damage 44, costs min 250 gas150.
-Reaver: health 250/150, firing sts photon cannon with damage 30 to long range, costs min300 gas200.
-Observer is standard.
-Scout: health 150/100, damage 10 to air and ground, very fast shooting, costs min250 gas150.
-Carrier is standard, interceptor's damage is 8.
-Arbiter: cloak nerby units, damage 45. (unknown costs)

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v1.0 Beta (full installer)

v1.0 Beta (full installer)

Full Version 5 comments

This is first official release of this mod. Just download and install it like any game, StarCraft game is not needed because this is stand-alone installer...


This interests me. If I see more of it, I'll track it.

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your mod actually ruined the whole starcraft plot and universe, it sucks a lot! it interferes with the canon and ruined everything

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That doesn't even make any sense. I have yet to see anything that has to do with a plot in this mod.

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dude, this mod is pretty good, need fixes in tech and unit graphics, thats all

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Sorry man but i have to say...this mod sucks hard!

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