Want to play Starcraft Campaign with a friend and give yourselves a challenge? So did we that's why we made this Co-op Campaign mod!

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Good edited maps with a challenge. Almost ran out of resources on a few maps.
Last Terran level is tough as you get nuked at the start. Not so good for a first playthrough (which my co-op partner was doing) as you need to watch the cinematics between the missions at the right points. It is also too difficult for a newbie haha.

While the campaign missions do follow the single player versions quite closely, I find that a lot of missions are near impossible when the AI starts with +1 and +2 weapons/armor right from the get go, on top of 40k minerals/gas.
When casually playing along with a friend, missions become tedious, if not impossible to do without modding the files and correcting the upgrades states.

+fun (sometimes)

-overpowered/"cheating ai"
-needing to modify the files to lower the extreme difficulty.

Perfect if you want to play a campaign with your friend.
Also has INSANE and EZY difficulty.

Also make the cooperative version of Enslavers Bonus Campaigns


ref206 says

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An incredible undertaking, and a must have for anyone looking to share the starcraft experience with their friends.


zolfuz says

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My goodness! This MOD allow me to play the Campaign of StarCraft (included the Expansion Pack) with a friend, and is amazing! Blizzard made a very good Campaign in 1998 and this MOD bring it back again with a wonderful co-op mode.
I really love co-op games, and this is one of the best I have ever try in my life!
The author/s of this MOD make a very good job, the balance is perfect, there is no bugs and everything work like a champ.
I really recommend it to all fans of StarCraft and Co-op Games.




Reiko says

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Amazing, i very like coop, and it very fun!


The mod is good, but it seems every campaign finale the AI gets ramped up to levels that are far too difficult for non-pro starcraft players. Getting constantly harassed with nukes on SC terran finale, and harassed with units on protoss SC finale.

It's just not fun, and also applies to SC:BW Protoss finale. My friend and I are still working through Brood War, but if this continues, I'm just gonna poke around in the map/scenario files and lower the difficulty a bit should I decide to ever give it another go.

It's really hard to like this campaign/mod when it ratchets the difficulty up to insane levels. And yes, for clarification, we were playing the EZY campaigns. The other missions were good though, despite questionable finale balancing. Only one or two were truly impossible.


This is amazing


KYSXD says

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Very good!

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