Version 4 of the public Beta has been released (link in summary section), go try it now! Our goal is to create an accurate and fun space combat experience from the Original Star Wars Trilogy. We have analyzed all the original space battles and, to the best of our abilities, we have attempted to capture the same combat style and overall atmosphere from the films. Just like the movies, ships have high velocities, a focus on primary weapons, and encounters are deadly and only survived by those with experience, teamwork, and some skillful use of the force... We chose to use the powerful and actively maintained Freespace 2 Open engine. It provides an engine that is easy for almost any machine to run while at the same time allowing for high quality visual effects, smart AI, and massive battles. The engine is constantly being updated and worked on, and provides very effective modding capabilities along with excellent mission and campaign creation tools.

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I am pleased to present the first patch for Star Wars Original Trilogy V4! Containing a wide range of fixes and balancing! Read-on for changes and link!

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I am pleased to present the first patch for Star Wars Original Trilogy V4! Containing a wide range of fixes and balancing!

-Currently should ONLY be played on "easy" difficulty, the other difficulties will be fixed in next patch-

Download here!

Version 4.11 by IrresponsibleCaptNathan (aka TNathan475)

-all ship speeds are much slower - closer if not exact to what they are in the TIE FIGHTER games (capital and starfighter)
-max overclock speeds are drastically reduced to only give a 20-30 m/s boost in speeds (capital and starfighter)
-increased lock strength of secondary weapons
-increased range of secondary weapons
-increased hitpoints of all bombs (proton bomb, heavy rocket, proton torpedos, s1 charge) less easy to be shot down now by capital point defense systems
-reduced primary weapon range to 800m fom 1000m - changed min distance to which AI will shoot at something to 50m
-slightly increased capital ship turbolaser range
-added 'plain' YT-1300 transport
-added simple Rebel and Imperial gauntlet missions.
-reworked Battle of Endor to V5 beta (make sure to order your fighters to engage enemy at mission start)
-slightly reduced shield strength of Millennium Falcon
-Millennium Falcon now more maneuverable so as to be more playable/enjoyable to fly/fight with
-slightly decreased firerate of Tie Interceptor
-add VERY simple armament to GR75 Transport (placeholder turrets will be replaced in later updates)
-increased hull hit points of ISD to 80000


-B-Wing has no texture or texture mapping - and thus is invisible in game currently - however one can still pilot one fine.
-Fighters set to spawn and to exit hangars of Star Destroyers will cicle almost endlessly around the mouth of the hangar.
-Targeting system will sometimes 'fail' and not point you in the right direction of your target nor show the reticle around the target.

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