This is a total conversion mod of Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption that brings the Legacy Era ranging from 37 ABY to 139 ABY to life! NOTE: This mod will take awhile to develop because I'm making it from scratch and by myself so be patient.

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The GFFA was made up of multiple military forces (Galactic Alliance Defence Force, Hapan Navy, Imperial Remnant & Private Planetary Navies). At the moment I'll be focusing on the GA Defence Force for simplicity.

Space Units:

Viscount-class Star Defender - MC140Scythe-class Main Battle Cruiser - MC80a Star Cruiser - Imperial I-class Star Destroyer -Victory I-class Star Destroyer -Quasar Fire-class bulk cruiser - EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate - CR90 corvette - DP20 frigate.

Ground Units:

Galactic Alliance Infantry Troopers - Galactic Alliance Infantry Scouts - Galactic Alliance Commandos - Galactic Alliance Guard Troopers - B2 Super Battle Droids - AAC-1 Speeder Tank - All Terrain Experimental Transport

Hero Units:

Rogue Squadron - Wraith Squadron - Admiral Nek Bwua'tu - General Garm Bel Iblis - Admiral Tarla Limpan

Upgradeable Hero Units:

Admiral Nek Bwua'tu - Admiral Tarla Limpan

This is a WIP list that will probably be updated during development so nothing is set in stone.


Good luck

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