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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - PreSky is a Total Conversion mod for Clear Sky, set before the events in Clear Sky begin. Its goal is to provide a fresh new game experience from the point of a regular Stalker within the Zone. This basically means that the mod has complete and total freeplay from the start. PreSky combines some of the best elements and ideas from all 3 games in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series to produce a brand new gameplay experience within the Zone, with the sole intention of creating a more realistic Stalker experience that aims to make the player believe they are a Stalker. There is no main storyline progression to unlock new areas, or new items for the player. The Zone goes on living regardless of the actions of the player, with a virtually unrestricted alife that makes the Zone seem even more alive and real than it did before. The only storyline is the one you create for yourself.

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Overview of some of the features present in v0.3 of STALKER - PreSky

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STALKER - PreSky changes many features from vanilla (un modded) Clear Sky. This is a list of features for v0.3, which is currently in the works.

Improved alife reactions for stalkers, including better faction balancing and the ability to hide from emissions, if a hide is nearby, and better alife management for free roaming Stalkers.
The Renegades faction has been completely redesigned, with a new look and feel.
Zombies in Yantar have been changed, they'll now wander around more freely and attack Stalkers.

More gameplay elements have been introduced to further deepen the playing experience.
Hunger: It is now possible to get hungry, and requires you to eat food to raise your hunger. An onscreen icon now shows you when you need to eat.
PDA: A brand new item, the pda can be accessed via the inventory, and contains multiple tabs with your statistics, an encyclopedia, area maps, and a diary.
More Mechanic missions have been added, they now require Toolkits and Flash Drives to preform upgrades.
Nearly all medical items have been modified to act over time, instead of healing instantly.
Pistols and Revolvers have been given ironsights.
Minor changes to the upgrade scheme of suits and weapons, and their display.


Should have installed CS and other stalkers onto my laptop
CS should be fun with this, and SoC shoujld be fun with LA whenever it comes out :/

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