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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - PreSky is a Total Conversion mod for Clear Sky, set before the events in Clear Sky begin. Its goal is to provide a fresh new game experience from the point of a regular Stalker within the Zone. This basically means that the mod has complete and total freeplay from the start. PreSky combines some of the best elements and ideas from all 3 games in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series to produce a brand new gameplay experience within the Zone, with the sole intention of creating a more realistic Stalker experience that aims to make the player believe they are a Stalker. There is no main storyline progression to unlock new areas, or new items for the player. The Zone goes on living regardless of the actions of the player, with a virtually unrestricted alife that makes the Zone seem even more alive and real than it did before. The only storyline is the one you create for yourself.

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Just a wonderful little mod. I cannot wait to see more updates



Finally, what STALKER was meant to be!

-Free roam, be what you want. Kill mutants and sell their parts, or work as a soldier and caption the areas of Chernobyl.
-Outfits, a wide variety of outfits, however I can't seem to get the traders to sell them all.
Weapons, great new level lists


Hambok says

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Great mod will be sure to continue getting the updates. Only a Kiwi could've made something so good.

This is a fantastic mod, which truly embodies what it means to be a "stalker". It has very rewarding mechanics and smart edit of the upgrade system. There is NO main storyline besides the one that you, the player, create. However, this was more than frustrating to get up and running. For example, saving while under the influence of any consumables causes a corrupt save file which I discovered time and time again. It may be a hassle, but creating several save files whenever you enter a new zone is necessary. Even with the technical flaws, it still deserves the score. If you are interested in using this mod, get the .43 version on the GSC forums as the version on the sight is outdated. Once again, thanks to the developer fluffy22 as your efforts are greatly appreciated.


Excellently made mod. Fluffy want's to capture the basic 'loner' feel of the zone, wherein you go about tasks not as the centerpiece to a large story, but as some joe who is out there trying to survive, and perhaps even make some rubles out of the trials of the zone. I think he hit the nail right on the head. With a very robust, and original upgrade system, with new and very gameplay-able options for weapons and armor, and an intelligent look at armor stats (all new), and an even more intelligent look at the zone's economy (things sold regardless of durability or health of the item, however this effects final sales price player receives), Fluffy shows us a zone experience that is hard to match. You won't get rich, but you will earn enough to get along, and get a few upgrades to boot. I love how this economy plays out, because you don't feel as if you have become a minor god in 15 minutes, like so many other mods. This mod, more than any I have played for any of the 3 stalker games, really and truly captures the 'need to scavenge' feel of the zone. I just absolutely love that aspect! Looking forward to 1.0; If it is as high quality and satisfying in gameplay as 4.4 is, I will be sold immediately. Thank you, Fluffy22!


Just what Clear Sky needed :D






This mod have crash (v. 3.1) and I don't have HUD witch this mod.

(I'm polishman and I don't good speak english.)

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Just a wonderful little mod. I cannot wait to see more updates

Nov 14 2010 by Commissar1032