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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - PreSky is a Total Conversion mod for Clear Sky, set before the events in Clear Sky begin. Its goal is to provide a fresh new game experience from the point of a regular Stalker within the Zone. This basically means that the mod has complete and total freeplay from the start. PreSky combines some of the best elements and ideas from all 3 games in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series to produce a brand new gameplay experience within the Zone, with the sole intention of creating a more realistic Stalker experience that aims to make the player believe they are a Stalker. There is no main storyline progression to unlock new areas, or new items for the player. The Zone goes on living regardless of the actions of the player, with a virtually unrestricted alife that makes the Zone seem even more alive and real than it did before. The only storyline is the one you create for yourself.

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Drag0 Online

Thats cool. Appreciate your hard work. Any idea when will you release next update or full version? Also, Im concerned about savegame issues. I experimented a bit and noticed, if you drag bodies around, change their position, savegame is most likely to get corrupted. I would suggest to remove ''drag body'' feature, since its practically useless and potentially harmful. Also, testing each map area for stability would be nice. I could help out. As I've noticed, game tends to crash more in certain map areas. Like Yantar.

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Setakat Author

I'm hoping to have a demo out by the end of the year.
Yantar for some reason does seem to be more unstable than the rest of the levels, but I think that is related to the Zombie spawns. I will reimplement those in a different way, so hopefully it will be more stable.
Thanks for the heads up about the bodies issue, I'll look into that.

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So is it primarily upgrade schemes from COP?

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Setakat Author

My interpretation of them at any rate.

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Begun work on redoing the upgrades for weapons and suits. I've stuck with the previous versions CoP styled schemes, but I've decided to use CoP's upgrade icons, since they lend some personality to the weapon, in my opinion, instead of the rather bland generic icons Clear Sky provides.
I've had to redo the upgrades to match the new icons, and to fix some rather serious errors in the previous versions (not my fault, its the way the engine applies the upgrades that messed it up) with some of the upgrades.
So I have 2 upgrades done and ingame, with about 70 left to do, with another 1 designed and awaiting implementation.

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