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SonderKommando Revolt is a Wolf3D mod about real WWII revolt against the Nazis in the famous Auschwitz extrermination camp. The mod is made very realistic, moody, challenging and detailed.
It's a first part of trilogy of mods. The next 2 parts will be called "Sonder 2 - Warsaw Uprising" and "Sonder 3 - Mission:Treblinka".

Current Team members:

Doomjedi - graphics, story and managing
Tricob, AlumiuN and WLHack - coding
Dean, Ronwolf, Tricob - mapping

The engine is based on Wolf4SDL engine, and will feature very advanced
coding features, to make it one of the more advanced coding-wise wolf3d mod todate.
Graphically it'll feature many themes including Crematoriums, Block 11, Gas Chambers, execution, interrogation and torture areas...most of which are ripped/based off real pic from the real site.


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Project status

News 7 comments


Our project got an overexposure in recent days, mostly due to a trailer we've released (as the mod itself was on this site for 3-4 years now, without creating any special buzz). The overexposure took this little pixelated project way beyond it's context, proportions and intentions - to a point where this project is in real danger of cancellation. I can admit that we regret the decision to release a teaser trailer. Trailers in general tend to be over-dramatic and graphical, and to be a wrong representation of the project itself, while some people tend to prejudge the project by it's trailer.

This mod was made for modding fans, particulary for a quite limited community of Wolf3D fans, as Wolf3D mods (being mods of 18-year old game) are not much played nowdays. That community is used to all kinds of Wolf3D mods (most of which are fantasy mods anyway) - and we knew for sure our mod will not be taken more than "just a mod" - as all other mods of modding community. We knew that noone will take this in a wrong way, or try to learn or attach any historic or political meaning to it.
The lack of any additional "meaning" to a mod - is one of the basic rules of modding community in general, and the one we go by. This is the unspoken agreement/trust between a modder - and the one playing/reviewing it.

The trailer got overexposed beyond our wildest expectations (and intentions), and so reached a whole new audience that is very far from this understanding of modding concept, mentality and ethics. Though most of the responses were still good, the level of buzz itself, and some of the comments - made the team to feel really uncomfortable.
We as modders - don't do mods for publicity and do not seek it. While some good publicity is ok - if it's for the mods quality and talent - overpublicity is not something we see positively. And though we indeed made one of the more advanced Wolf3D mods ever - I refuse to believe such overexposure is not related in any way to the setting the mod is set in - and it's sensitivity to some people.

Any mod, even about birds and flowers - would make it's modders to feel uncomfortable with such level of overexposure - as it to be judged with such magnifying glass by people and organizations which are just waiting to find any "wrong" in it, even if nothing is.
We are private people who care much about our privacy - and any overexposure, even a good one - is bad news for our projects.

This mod was made by different people from different countries - that that really NOTHING in common but love of Wolf3D modding of any kind, and a will to make interesting and challenging gameplay to Wolf3D fans.
We, as makers of this mod - know the Truth. Our true intentions with this mod - and how little (or nothing) they have to do with some of the buzz this mod created, especially outside of the modding community.
Yet, we understand - that under such situation - our Truth - is not that relevant to some people who look to spill out negativity and looking for reasons to get hurt.
There is so much negativity and suffering in our World - that even by being totally misunderstood (or even deliberately manipulated) - we, as modders and as people, cannot afford to add even 1 drop to this.
We cannot afford to release a mod unless we'll know that it's seen no more than "just Wolf3D mod" - and won't hurt anyone's feelings.

I'm really sorry for all the Wolf3D fans out there - but the project is under question now, and no release date is set. I want to thank Wolf3D fans for their interest, support and positive feedback so far.

Progress Update

Progress Update

News 2 comments

Art and Mapping are finished, including Final Beta-Testing by Dean. Last coding features and bugfixes are in work, by our new coder, Havoc. Those mostly...

Progress update


Nice parallaxed sky was done, Title screen and some outside textures. The rest of the graphics is already done, so I hope the "serious" mapping...

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Guest - - 693,196 comments

:(cancelled mod

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TrihardCeeJay - - 8 comments


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WANGER36 - - 16 comments

iz nazistkoy germani ti pozorish reich

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Guest - - 693,196 comments

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Illustrans - - 74 comments

Lol cancelled mod.

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lastninja - - 1 comments

+1 for a release. It could be AS GOOD as Super Columbine Massacre RPG!. That game had backlash at first too from idiots but later had documentaries made about it and it's actually quite a good art game. I'm sad I won't even see a build of this potentially but hope one day you change your mind. At least perhaps put in your will that you would like your children or executor to put it online for you or something.. it is an historical mod really and one that I think deserves to be available in at least an unfinished alpha/demo form.

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doomjedi Creator
doomjedi - - 340 comments

Regarding it being "historical mod" - it wasn't.
It was historically inspired, yes. Historically inspiring - maybe. But not historically accurate or of any historical value as of level design. Its historical value can only be in inspiring many to learn more about related subjects from actual historical sources, but not directly from the mod.

Limitations of the engine, mixed with it being sort of "past life" recreation, and the need of challenging and balanced gameplay made it something of Holocaustic feel expressed in quite a classic Wolf3D gaming experience and mapping style, with no historic detail depicted with sufficient historic accuracy.

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doomjedi Creator
doomjedi - - 340 comments

Thank you.
Small remark - the original mod was fully finished, just not released. Its not "unfinished" in any way.
Moreso - its remake publicly released.

If you mean the overall quality of the mod (disregarding the particular theme), non-Holocaustic remake of it has been released publicly, and youtube is full of its gameplay videos. Despite being a good mod, we have released since much better mods by all relevant modding standards of quality. The mod itself, based on feedbacks and our own impression has too oldschool mapping style, way too many levels and too little sub-themes, also some projectile-based Boss fights have been disappointing.
So this is a good mod but from from being our best. Its unique thing was its original thematic and historic references, without it its just another nice mod.

I don't see myself changing my mind about the original version, especially now after "safe" public remake of it was released and every wolfer knows its levels and features by heart by now.

Which documentaries came out for it? I know if one in development (not yet released), but that's it.

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XMEzy - - 1 comments

Can the Owner of this Upload to a new Website and continue the Making of this because i really wanna play this.

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doomjedi Creator
doomjedi - - 340 comments

Making of it? That mod was fully finished by the time it was cancelled. Media buzz first arised only 2 weeks prior to its planned release.

If you wanna play this, you can play the remake that was released publicly. Just check my mods list.

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