Three years have passed since the events of Black Mesa. After being signed up by the G-Man, Gordon Freeman now works as a secret agent, investigating serious crimes and disturbances. Little does he know that the routine investigation of a crime scene in an abandoned mine would result in an all-out war on terrorism... Solo Operations includes: - New character skins - New textures and HUD - New weapon sounds - Over an hour of tense action and exploration - Gripping story - Highest quality level design Solo Operations. Out now!

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It's awful good at trying to seem important with the constant objective updates that highlight the obvious, the level design is obviously not really good, like at all. It started to get a little better towards the end but then it takes a nose dive again. I would say for the combat it was quite tough there in the market place. But upto that point it was quite mediocre. There is one consistent thing that is a positive and thats the colour scheme being blueish and greyish, and it keeps that even when the textures change a bit through out the mod.
Its ending was really quite boring and impossible fighting that chopper and dying, in fact the market place key does not work and requires no clipping through.. so its unfinished mod basically.

Provides some fun for a while until the market place scene on up. It's awful and broken leading me to believe that the GameWise review on the front page was a paid review or the mod author and the reviewer were just good friends. The chopper fight was imbalanced and downright stupidly hard. The player is expected to blow up the chopper with dynamite that is stationary around the market, what a joke! The mapping was sub-par at best. Some maps were nice, but most were just terrible. Also, why are all the hostages just Security Guards and Scientists? They could have at least taken the time to reskin them.

A three.

Solo Operations is a slog to get through. The mod is mainly comprised of corridors, which while being very well detailed often make no logical sense. For example, some hallways lead to a vent opening and nothing else, others are only accessible via a hole blown in a wall with seemingly no other point of entry.

The mod took me a while to finish, but this was mainly due to the overabundance of corridors with nothing in them. The only enemies you face throughout are grunts, and there is very little variety to the engagements, mostly taking place on the same level as the player. There is little to no height variation meaning that all fights fell, quite literally, flat.

The finale is one of the worst areas in the mod, with shotgun grunts around tight corners and in alleyways so tight that the AI struggles to navigate them, leading to the final engagement with a chopper which you have to take down with your mp5 and shotgun. This becomes more of an endurance challenge than an actual boss fight.

I assume this is where the mod should end, but at this point it just stops and you can't progress...

Stuck on the markerplace after destroying helicopter.
This mod seems to be pretending as Half-Life parody...
No jokes, nothing personal - just a business.


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Short, but it offers plenty of action in an hour or less :)




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