Fixes SMOD Tactical to work with the latest version of HL2. Revision 2 released!

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I'd wish it let me change my fov because 75 hurts my eyes if I look at it too long

One of the best mods i've played in my life.

i just wish it had a seperate campaign because hl2's story is really starting to get annoying now.
the wall-penetrating guns you have, the ai also have, and it will **** you over at some point lol. gg great experience




is a rilly nice maded mod and no have errors and if you have one the creator come to help you :D

This is a phenomenal revival of an old, nostalgic and unique mod.

Incorporating an under-adopted yet enthralling shooting mechanic, dozens of new weapons and actually (slightly) competent AI. New graphical effects, slow motion, etc. I could go on for hours!

Apart from new features, unlike other renditions of SMOD: Tactical, Project Life V2 actually works and doesn't crash. However i did experience a few graphical and sound anomalies such as; missing models for the minigun, sounds missing for the python and the other SMG and on some maps starting with me embedded in the walls or underground (fixed with noclip).

It also allows the replay of the Half-Life 2 main story.

In short this is a wonderful mod, install now!

One of my favorite mods, hell games, of all time! FINALLY COMES BACK TO LIFE! My god this is justice incarnate I can't believe it.

No realistic shooter lets you customize so well and just freakin relax. Not to mention the MEMORIES!


too many crashes. buddy ai gets killed too much. die instantly on too many maps. random enemy spawns. no hud for health. controls are a mess. shaky camera is a liability. **** this mod.

This mod brought back to life a fantastic little mod of a mod. A meta-mod so good that I have yet to find a fully fledged standalone game that comes close to the smoothness of the action in SMOD Tactical. In short, it's a 10/10 because it does exactly what the guys behind the revival says it does, and moreover, takes advantage of the new Source Engine updates.

Well...It has many potential and it's really fun but it still has some bugs.I want to give it a 10/10 but with all these bugs I can't just give it at the moment.

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