The Galaxy’s Most Violent Virtual Sport!

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  • Are you tired of slow, boring games?
  • Do you yearn for superhuman powers and extremely violent deaths?
  • Do you like hookers, and your balls?

Smashball is a fast-paced, ultraviolent first-person-shooter played as a highly structured team sport. Two teams use superhuman maneuvers, a high-tech grappling hook, and high-powered weaponry to try to get a single ball into their opponent’s goal.

What's it like?

  • INCREDIBLE MOBILITY! Smashball players can use their Turbo Power to amp up their speed. The Grappling Hook can be used to swing across open areas and wrap around corners. Combining the two allows for supreme feats of acrobatics.
  • INTENSE ACTION! Play is focused on The Smashball. Every second has to be used to score. Brutal slugfests, fast breaks, and last-second saves abound. All weapons have Infinite Ammo, and players Regenerate Health, so you never get distracted from the real point of the game.
  • CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION! Players get XP for playing, and can buy special Skills when they gain Levels. Skills are used in-game to tailor your character’s capabilities for specific roles. There is an entire dimension of strategy in picking the right combination of skills.
  • BUILT-IN LEAGUE PLAY! When you play, the game will automatically register you for the Intergalactic Smashball League. Through the league web site, you can create or join Teams, and compete in Tournaments for Prizes! The league site can also be used to schedule matches and automatically start servers!
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This update contains a ton of new stuff, and major changes to address the large amount of feedback we've had over the past year.

Major Balance Changes

We've spent several months radically changing the pacing, and focus of the game. There's now a much larger emphasis on combat. The knockout and auto-heal systems have been changed to actually give players a reason to do something other than kamikaze the goalie. The skills have been reworked to make them easier to understand and choose. While you still need to develop your technique to achieve top speeds, we've narrowed the mobility gap between new players and our experienced veterans. We think we've got a much better game now: one that is more accessible to new players, but at the same time rewards the real pro hookers.

New Maps

There are now two more arenas that you can smash balls in: Cargo Bay Six and Spiral. Cargo Bay Six features lots of large open spaces, and multiple routes through the chokepoint. Spiral is a smaller map more suitable for small games. Murderplex has also received a major facelift!

Instant Replay System

After every score and at the end of every round, the game is paused and the last few seconds of action are shown to everyone. This seems to make it a lot easier for new players to pick up on what's going on.

Replay Library

Every replay that you see is also now stored locally as a small demo file. From the in-game main menu, you can review and play them! Our current objective is to make a one-click process for generating video and uploading it to YouTube. For now, enterprising players could use FRAPS or Source engine movie making techniques to make their own video.

In-game Player Management Window

From the main menu, you can now pull up an in-game browser window that shows your player page on the web site. This is just a quick way to check your season stats, or to look at the overall stats for that match you just finished.

Coming Soon

We've got a whole pile of other features we're working on, and we plan on releasing them gradually over the next few months. Some of the exciting ones are:

  • New Custom Weapon System. Not only are we looking at adding new weapon types, we're going to create a whole new system that allows us to quickly and easily add new weapons on an ongoing basis.
  • Player Names & Numbers on Jerseys. Team owners will be able to assign numbers to players, which are then shown, along with their name, on the back of the player.
  • Total HUD Overhaul. We're putting some major work into completely redesigning the existing HUD, graphically and functionally.

Learn More!

You can find out more about Smashball from a bunch of different places:

Web Site, including fun and frockiling forums:
YouTube Channel, with many violent videos, old and new:
Facebook Page, which doesn't get as much love as it should:
Our Steam Group, where chatty chatalots go to chat:

Smashball Times: New Smashball Update, Free Servers!

Smashball Times: New Smashball Update, Free Servers!


Smashball Times announces the upcoming patch this week, and tells how team captains can get free access to official Smashball servers for league matches!

SBU Training Video: Speed

SBU Training Video: Speed

News 5 comments

One of our veteran players, Unnownd, has put together a pretty neat video showing some of the tricks he uses to gain and maintain speed. He covers jump-turbo...

Hands-On with the Best Hookers in the Galaxy

Hands-On with the Best Hookers in the Galaxy

News 1 comment

The Intergalactic Smashball League has launched Smashball University to let new players get help in learning some of the techniques that the in-game tutorial...

Get Smashball on Steam for free NOW!

Get Smashball on Steam for free NOW!

News 11 comments

You can now download the 0.9.3 beta of Smashball on Steam! AND I MEAN RIGHT NOW!!!

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Anyone plays this anymore?

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krenzo quit empires for this?


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Don't you ever say that. Smashball was the best game I have ever played and it had a very dedicated community of players who loved the game more than any other game. You played in June, 1 year after the day you shouldve played.

The game is dead now, all the players left. The Devs shut down. They tried to make it appeal to a wider audience and alienated all of it's fanbase. All you get now is a broken shell of a once great game that sits there mocking us with what once was my favorite game of all time.

The players were too good compared to the new players who were just passing by to see what was up. We trolled them out of our game and made it impossible for them to catch up to our skills with out insane sources of frusteration. I have fond memories of raging people and scoring 115 points as a one man team against 12 new players. We didnt care for the newer players so we rode them out.

However the tutorial was extremely lacking. It didnt prepare them for the 2000 ups you would have to reach to be able to competantly do anything.

But don't you act like Empires is in anyway superior to what SmashBall was.

The greatest game I have ever played.

-SniperCat #1 Forward

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cool story bro

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I think the word you're looking for is DONE. It's been released, it got steamworks. It's free on the steam store.

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Great mod,keep it up guys

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

for Half - Life 2?
for Half - Life 2 Deathmatch?

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I played this mod yesterday... it's pretty fun, but I had one main gripe, and its about how the actions shoot and pass are on the same key. Too many times did I pass on accident when I was trying to shoot. The passing lock-on also made passing very unintuitive and cumbersome and made me start to favor ball-hogging. I think making plays would be a lot smoother if you dedicated one key to shoot, and another key to pass to the nearest player in view (maybe within an area on the screen). Smoother passing would encourage better teamplay.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
voodooc Creator

forcifer: the limitation of that kind of a passing system is that you can't set up plays in advance. Experienced players usually pick a pass target before they even enter the enemy's goal room, so that player knows they need to get into position to receive a pass.

Thanks for checking us out!

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