This is the full version of the mod. ---Actual version 0.8---

**************UPDATED TO 1.5.3 Latest****************


Somewhere on the south area of Nationalist China, a military manufacturer known as Shin-Ra Inc has emerged and claimed territory for it's own. The shin-ra company has discovered a powerfull power source called MAKO Energy, with that they made a powerfull army and researched advanced technology, noone knows this secret and now they are about to conquer the world, will you help them, destroy them or be them?, May this Country change the course of War and the world?.

Other mayor events:
1933 Rebellions: New countries will emerge on Africa and Asia over time due to rebellions.

-(Alternate) Communist Rise on USA, and civil war events.

-(alternate)India Independency Civil War event to England with 3 options.
-Philippines Independent Act Event with 3 ways to go for USA, Annex it, Liberate it or continue Puppeting it.

-Natural disasters.

more to come.
this mod its still very WIP so don't spect too much atm :)

also this is my first mod on Hearts of iron 4 and still learning.

ONLY Playable on English.

please report any bugs or problems you encounter, i did 2 1945 test games and found nothing relevant but there may be something.

-not compatible (not fully tested try at own risk) with mod that add new techs units etc or mayor conversions/overhauls like black ice and Millenium dawn.

-IMPORTANT: Waking the Tiger Dlc most probably break the mod, i will try to make it compatible in future.

- if you have problems with UI set 0.7 on the UI scaling settings and up your resolution.

-NOT TESTED WITH DLCs, some content may not work due to them.
For mod compatible version (not tested with mayor mods):
Lite version 0.2.5 (the last lite version):


I ONLY SUPPORT STEAMWORKSHOP AND MODDB downloaded mod issues, if you got it from other site it's your problem,I have not given any permission to reupload to anyone.


Paradox Forums mod page:

altenative download:

HOI 4 workshop(can take a while to be updated):

Actual Features as of version 0.8(latest):
For 0.8 changelog see patch notes under Mod Picture.

-New Country: Shinra Company.
-New focus tree for shinra (still wip, but nearly finished).
-New ideas (ministers etc) for Shinra.
-New Commanders/marshals for shinra.
-New Resource: Materia used for new units & equipments.
-New Equipments & Units for shinra.
-New Equipments & Units for all countries, including new ships.
-Extended all equipments up to 1950.
-New tech tab & techs, exclusive for shinra.
-New techs for all countries.
-Extended techs up to 1950.
-Start date its now 1933.
-New loading screens.
-New intro music.
-New songs (17 atm).
-Some leaders adjusted for the new start date, 1933 with events to replace them on time.
-over 100 new posible events including news events & liberation of some countries.
-New events with short sound & music when activated. (wip)
-new national spirits for Shinra ando ther countries.
-Basic 1933 oob for shinra and later development by focus.
-Oob for early Reinforcement.
-Changed city and state names of the shinra main province.
-Retextured Shinra units: Shinra infantry,Deepground soldiers, Shinra mountainners,Shinra marines,Shinra paratroopers,motorized,mechanized,heavy tank,medium tank and light tank models.
-Fixed the Hovering Rocket bug,now it dissapears when hit the target province instead of keep hovering over it forever.
-Now all liberated countries are given some factories and arms factories to start.
-Communist rising on USA event.

Future plans:
-Complete the focus tree.
-New ideas.
-Add new equiment.
-Add new techs.
-New events.
-New Oobs.
-Translate to spanish (in far future)

thanks for trying. any ideas,suggestion,bugs or comments please leave them here .

Known issues 0.8:
-Playing on -debug mode gives an irrelevant error, just go back ingame.(why are you playing on debug mode? i don't known :) )
-cannot start a new game and you get on edit mode? alt tab fix this issue usually.
-Some News events may repeat after a load a new game on the same game sesion, nothing major. (restart game before starting a new game fixes it)

-Do not reupload
-You are able to do translation prior to asking me and providing me a link to your translation to be added here.

Want to help? add me on steam or PM on Paradox Forums.

need someone with some experience on 3d modelling to make the graphical set.
also looking for ideas for events etc, if you want to write some events for the mod contact me too.

Try my other mods:

Rocket Animation Fix
The first to fix rocket fly bug:

-paradox for hearts of iron series.
-Squaresoft/squarenix for FF VII.
-Musics from FF vii.

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RSS Files
Shin Ra Rising Full mod v: 0.8

Shin Ra Rising Full mod v: 0.8

Full Version

new full version, for full changelog, check comment section. Remember to delete old version before installing, new game is needed.

7.6 hotfix

7.6 hotfix

Patch 3 comments

Requires 7.6 prior to installation. hotfix: Events: France negotiations fixed, now they cant trigger 2 times the same event, causing a crash if shinra...

Shin-Ra Rising mod 0.7.6 Full

Shin-Ra Rising mod 0.7.6 Full

Full Version


Shin-ra Rising Mod hotfix for 1 5 3

Shin-ra Rising Mod hotfix for 1 5 3


Hotfix for 1.5.3 (WARNING NOT FULL VERSION, REQUIRES Shin-Ra Rising mod FILE) Install: Unrar the contents on Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts...

Shin-Ra Rising mod

Shin-Ra Rising mod

Full Version

updated for 1.5.2 latest hoi 4 patch and added some events & more.

shin-ra 0.7.5(1.5 compatible)

shin-ra 0.7.5(1.5 compatible)

Full Version

full version updated to latest game patch released. Not savegame compatible.

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Shepard2 Creator

0.85 progress (not released yet):


-Added some news events.

-Fixed Stalin death and Franklin D. Roosevelt death events, they should trigger correctly now.

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Shepard2 Creator

0.85 progress (not released yet):

-Added 3 generals to North Korea, also added 8 generics ones with traits.
-Added 3 generals to South Korea, also added 8 generics ones with traits.

Ideas/political advisors:
-Added Generic advisors to North Korea. (yeah, NK lacked them)

-Added Names list North Korea Generated generals/political advisors.

-Added some Civ and Arms Factories to North Korea and South Korea States.

at this moment NK and SK can only be released by player Japan, working on events for this to happen if japan surrenders.

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Shepard2 Creator

0.85 progress:


-Creation of the COMECON Events(like ECSC and World Bank, if conditions are meet)

-Added an special event triggered by the player to remove shin-ra from game.
(to use it open console with ยบ (button to the left of 1) and type: event deteleshinra.1 )

-Added a new idea with custom gfx.

-Added 4 songs, 2 for North Korea and 2 for South Korea

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Shepard2 Creator

0.85 progress:

Added events containing:

-Creation of the World Bank.(can choose if join or not)
-Creation of the European Coal and Steel Community for FRA,ITA,LUX.BEL, HOL and WGR(West Germany). (only triggers if germany is divided on

along with news events for them.

-Added 2 new ideas with custom gfxs.

-Added North Korea. (for future korea war events)
-North Korea now has Core on North Korea Region.
-Added Kim Il sung portrait and description.(North Korea)
-Kim Il sung has now the dictator trait.
-Added Syngman Rhee portrait and description.(South Korea)

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Shepard2 Creator

steam workshop link rdy, check there:

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Shepard2 Creator

0.8 released, changes on comments section.

Delete old version before installing.

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Shepard2 Creator

v.0.8 "Comunism Rise!" changelog: (Not released ATM)

-Added 2 new units, one it's a super weapon and the other a support division.


-Added 8 new techs to industry tab, some of them have tech requirements to be researched, check it out.
-Added 2 new shin-ra techs
-Added a new tech tree composed of new 7 techs to engineering and wonder weapons tab for chemical weapons, that will lead to unlock 1 new super unit and 1 new support unit( no, they do not kill manpower and they aren't WMDs).

-a total of 17 new tech added.

-Shin-Ra Mako engines/industry now reflects the degrading effect that mako has on machinery, a later tech solves it, at a cost.



-Added the altenate history Communist revolution events to USA and events to SOV , ENG and FRA to choose if help them and how, directly from hoi 3 mod, a total of 17 events.
-Added Communist USA join Comintern or not events (5 events, includings news also they are focus based).


-President Shinra Assasination & Rufus takeover events now requires SOLDIER 3rd Class research to happen.

-Added event for germany to launch the Bismarck battleship.

-Stalin death event, Nikita Khrushchev replaes him.

-Harry S. Truman Takes presidency after Roosevelt death event.

-New event involving huge materia bomb.

-The disaster events now also remove infraestructure/industry/resources on affected states.

-Fixed England white peace will only trigger one time(first time at war).


-Added a new decision to Shin-Ra that allows to annex countries that are on the Shin-Ra Conglomerate faction (or other faction of that shin-ra is leader) and they are corporatocracies, with a temporal stability penalty until they are integrated.


-Harry S. Truman added
-Nikita Khrushchev added

Ideologies,Governments and focus :

-New Government: Corporatocratic Government.
-New ideology: Corporatocracy.

-Shin-Ra is no longer fascist, now it's a Corporatocracy.

-New branch on the USA focus tree for communist USA, extend the revolution on north america!(10 focuses in total).

-revised all ideas/focus trees/leaders of Shin-ra to change fascism to Corporatocracy.


-Added Icons for the new techs.
-New event pictures.
-New portrait for Earl Browder (USA Communist party leader).
-Added Harry S. Truman portrait.
-Added Nikita Khrushchev portrait.
-Changed Francisco Franco Portrait.
-Icons and images for the new units.
-Added corporatocracy icon.
-Added Shin-Ra Strategic bomber tree pictures.
-Added some Shin-Ra Armor tree pictures (light, medium,modern and heavy tanks).

Sounds & music:

-Added new sounds for events.
-Added 5 new songs


-Added some loading tips.
-Earl Browder now has leader description.
-Added Harry S. Truman leader description.
-Added Nikita Khrushchev leader description.

-Added names to Shin-Ra strategic bomber tree.
-Added names to Shin-Ra Armor tree(light, medium,modern and heavy tanks).

-Revised descriptions of some leaders.


-Earl Browder now has the dislikes germany trait.

-Added new cosmetic national spirit to USA.

-Added a corporatocracy new national spirit similar to fascist nationalism.

-Added 1 new national spirit (obtanable by focus) to Communist USA.

-Added 1 new national spirit to all comitern members if they manage to get Communist Usa in.

-Added Strengthen Shin-Ra custom difficulty slider.

-Fixed that you can't go back from the country selection menu to main menu by adding a placeholder bookmark.

-Revised ai division production, now it must be run a little better on 1940s, no more Germany having 1000 divisions.

-Fixed sounds not playing on some events like 2 of the earthquake ones.

-Bismark its now added to production line and not directly to the dock, due to a strange bug that makes ai get 76 bismark's and not reproducible when paying as germany.

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SO how*s the mod going? ;)

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Shepard2 Creator

It`s going well but no releaae until september sadly.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Its ok, probably gonna be a big update. :)

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