Shattered Paradise is an expansion for Tiberian Sun on Openra, it's goal is to (im)balance the game by adding new factions (Scrin, Mutants and Cabal) and reworking the original sides, all of this to create a game a little more varied and balanced than TS. The mod puts a lot of emphasis on making the factions as asymmetric as possible.

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I love how modding continues. And the mod has so many things I wanted to do but couldn't. So many things that look so awesome. Nolt is a gifted fellow.


This first release is incredible and was very well worth the wait. In terms of skirmish/multiplayer gameplay it's the Tiberian Sun sequel I wish I got as a kid. My compliments to the team.


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like the effort




It very interesting mod.


This is without a doubt the best Tiberian Sun mod I have ever seen. Five playable factions, taking inspiration from Command & Conquer 3 as well as Firestorm. :D


No bugs seen so far, content seem to be of high quality. And the Atmosphere is really nice.

It seems quite complex so far, though needs more optimisation.


Work well, nice new faction. really glad you released it even with missing feature.

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