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COOP is unplayable for the time being, please stand by

Testers and recorders needed (for gameplay and trailer) - Contact me via direct message or skype (CodGlitcherXi)

Hello everyone, today I will be bringing you some new content to the community and as promised in the past so keep checking back for any updates and I hope you enjoy my little project that I've been working on for about a month :)

Right, since this is an BETA version you will expect a lot of bugs, this was released early simply to allow the community to see what they think and what they want to see in the final version. now since this is season one the storyline will puzzle you, but as you gradually start to get further into each season you will understand it better.

As stated above, this is only a beta so its about 60% unfinished, there are 10 chapters per season so expect a lot of bugs and lack of detail!
A few bonus features:
All-For-One Jugg - Give all 4 players jugg at 5000 points
Ammo resupply - Resupplies your primary weapon (only works once, will be fixed in next update)

Here are a few important tips you MUST abide by when playing this mod:
- Do not buy jugg if you're under 5000 points, you will be put into minus points if so. (Fixed for alpha)
- Do not buy ammo resupply if you're under 2000 points, you will also be put into minus points. (Fixed for alpha)
- Do not run straight into a purchased door, you may get stuck. (Fixed for alpha)
- Do not shoot any AI from chapter two, it may force restart the map.(Fixed for alpha)

CO-OP Version
In the co-op version of the mod you will need to load each chapter manually, e.g. nazi_zombie_chapterone, and once complete load the next chapter. You can still use the co-op version as solo but you will have to manually change each map after completing them.

Solo Version
In the solo version of the mod all you need to do is start "nazi_zombie_chapterone" and once you reach the end of the mission you will see a hand icon on your screen, press use (F) and it will automatically start the next chapter.

P.S look out for hidden secrets

As per usual, If you need any assistance or information don't be afraid to quote/pm me. stay safe and happy zombie hunting ;)

DOWNLOAD: Via news tab


Update 0.3: Halloween beta release
Finally, after the last week of trial and error I am happy to announce that the mod will have a beta for halloween, due to quite frequent demand I will be releasing the beta version of the map. You will have access to town, woods, asylum, shoreline and sanctuary.

User Posted Image

Credit given to the original founder for the following (forgot some names but if your the creator of any let me know and ill edit the post)
five teleporters - AwesomePieMan
motd models - jei9363foliage
animation - Somebody Else
Anti-Cheat V2 -
Zombie Counter -
Ported BO2 Guns - CFGFactory
Intro hints (to be changed but was used for the time being) -

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Known bugs (which will be fixed)
• Mystery box doesn't automate (move locations)
• Sounds are missing on selected guns (weapon testing)
• Barriers collide with players once bought (keep distant when buying)
• Zombies more than likely will become confused under certain locations (due to missing node count)
• Custom weapons are giveable for the time being, since i had to remove them because its cost was saying 'free'
• Custom weapons yet to be added to the mystery box
• Ammo crates won't trigger, don't buy.


- 8 Custom weapons (from bo2)
- Perks (Die riese for the time being)
- texture changes (tweaked to fit)
- Day and night system
- Church bell
- Destructible doors (varies)
- Explosive triggers (varies)
- Dynamic foliage
- Intro hints
- Side missions (e.g. find this, find that for reward)
- Friendly fire enabled (choose whether to kill or work with team mates)
- Triggered doorways (e.g. blast doors)
- Zombie counter
- Round display removed
- Mob of the dead ai models
- Five teleporters (for quicker travel)
- power source and electric barriers
- more ai scripts added
- two cutscenes under testing
- including more decals for detail
- more easter eggs added
- custom sound tweaked (for tree and water animations)
- some alternative scripts (not all mandatory due to testing)
- tree and grass animation
- Boss (varies)
- Hud tweaks (round display removed also, will be replaced shortly)
- FX (for more detail)
- Credits cinematic (for ending, needs to be updated asap)
- New message system (testing)
- New typing cheat codes
- Knife Only Mode (testing)
- Armoured Mode (testing)
More tba

Alpha announcement coming soon!

Shadowlands - News update 0.2

Shadowlands - News update 0.2


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Shadowlands - News update 0.1

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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makaro - - 119 comments

is 2018 now ans no news about this mod.Must have been abandoned now

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Ktreus - - 39 comments


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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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wertyyuiop9999 - - 1 comments

Hello! I just made an account on moddb because I was so incredibly interested in your mod. I was wondering how one could become a tester for your map? I'd love to give it a try, and would love it if i could be part of the awesome experience this is probably going to be. Please get back to me, thank you.

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Olku_ - - 2,074 comments

So how is it going with operation storm mod?

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Uk_ViiPeR Creator
Uk_ViiPeR - - 17 comments

At this present time its going alright, ive put the multiplayer scripting on hold for the time being and started to work on singleplayer again, I just kept running into script limits so the only way I could achieve what I want is to optimize or create custom models and fx. On a plus note there are a few more maps for multiplayer which are ready so its pretty much prepared for its release. I just dislike releasing something which is unfinished or lacking detail you know?

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Olku_ - - 2,074 comments


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unimpressedelephants - - 1 comments

Hi! I am just wondering if (at the moment) it would be worth recording and making some videos for!
It sounds pretty interesting and my friends and I would love to record it. :)

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Uk_ViiPeR Creator
Uk_ViiPeR - - 17 comments

Yeah that sounds awesome! if anything hit me up via private message or skype (CodGlitcherXi) and i will send over a better version, i also need a full lobby for the new co-op survival mode :)

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