A rebuild of the released 2015 SerenityJediEngine. Many code fixes and additional features. Supports single and multiplayer. I have given myself a whole year to finish the project, to avoid a rushed release. Serenity has given me permission to continue this project and I can now confirm this project will contain no plagiarised material. More details to follow as progress develops.

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I personally enjoy this saber system a lot from time to time. I like the new combat system in both, multiplayer and single-player. Something I love is the ability to perform manual block while in-combat. Ledge grabbing from some versions is fun too in several maps.

Usually I do my personal tweaks by mixing this mod with other mods. It works flawlessly well, especially in multiplayer vs bots. Throwing a few map-packs into it, some bots and/or npcs is fun too.

What I enjoy a lot is the selection of saber damage via SP. I hope to see this feature in the future for MP too. Also, it would be nice if there were more combat behavior options for the end-user to customize towards bots, this, if possible of course. Something similar to the camera menu, but with saber damage, blocking, aggressiveness, etc. Overall, a welcome mod that I personally enjoy from time to time. Will stay heads up for what it is to come in the future for it.


Buggy mess. You're better off just playing the base game.

There are some good ideas here, but none of them are implemented very well. The mod is *extraordinarily* buggy, and the bugs run the gamut from minor to major.

It's crashy, cludgy, and wonky as heck, but the bugs aren't what ruins this mod. What *really* seals its fate is the idea at its core. Ever play multi with someone who drives you utterly insane with babble like "man, this game would be great if there were no shotguns, and every gun were like this sniper rifle?" Or that, reversed? Well, that guy (whoever he was) made a mod, and it's this.

The designer decided every style not single-saber is the "wrong" way to play the game, and therefore made a literal mockery of dual and staff blades. As in, they're not just somebody's idea of "nerfed" or "balanced" (cringe), but actually and factually made functionally useless, as to pretty much kill you out of spite for picking them. I wish I were kidding.

He also hated "Strong" single stance, too, because strikes from that stance are *extremely* slow to the point where you just laugh watching them go. Everything not Normal or Fast single stance literally just got slowed down, and worse than that, the attack-canceling "feature" kicks in all the time, aborting your strikes before they ever launch, because they take too long to complete. Why? Because if you move in another direction before the swing's "done," your attack ceases as a "feint." *Why?* Because there's a directional blocking feature which sounds awesome, but literally doesn't work properly.

So basically, this is Jedi Academy: Jimmy Bob's Perfect Balance Edition. Play the way he plays: because it's the RIGHT way. I could go on, but there are likely space restrictions. Feel free to check the comments, because I reported more issues than listed here - and that was back when I thought I might like this mod, too.



Gives the game a welcome change making combat especially with a lightsaber alot more realistic and resembling the movies. Its very much like playing a whole other game, in a really good way. However the current version has removed a key feature of jedi academy, the ability to choose each mission in whichever order you want, as well as choosing weapons for each mission and advancing your force powers. Instead it just continues to the next mission chronologically, but this not only removes the aforementioned features but hinders the storytelling as well. However I believe this will be patched and this mod will continue to be the greatest mod for jedi academy and one of the best on the site

Noice :D


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