A rebuild of the released 2015 SerenityJediEngine. Many code fixes and additional features. Supports single and multiplayer. I have given myself a whole year to finish the project, to avoid a rushed release. Serenity has given me permission to continue this project and I can now confirm this project will contain no plagiarised material. More details to follow as progress develops.

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Return of the grapplehook in Single Player.-see Controls menu for Grapple hook button.

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SerenityJediEngine 2019 Edition. Discord.gg

Easy Install Demo Video. Moddb.com

Basic combat tutorial Video. Moddb.com

1. Corrected issue on "Kejim_post" where bridge/tunnel is already broken by adding Grapple hook to use to cross gap -see Controls menu for Grapple hook button. Moddb.com

2. Increased Prisoner health to help them live longer on "Artus_topside" to help complete first part of mission.

3. Fixed "Artus_topside" where cannons were bugging out.

4. Addressed issue where holding block button and standing still would istakill NPC,s (still needs work).

5. Added blockpoint counter to hud.

6. Changed blockpoint meter to purple to avoid colour clash with shield.

7. Added latest Openjk dismemberment fix.

8. Added Jedi Dash (see controls menu). Moddb.com

9. Multiplayer Force Mindtrick level 3 = Force Stasis. Will stop jedi/gunners moving for up to 5 seconds. Youtube.com

10. Fixed bug when saving on Ns_starpad game bugs out when loading.

11. Fixed bug where lightning impact on E-WEB can cause crashes.

12. Added animation to force sense MP+SP.

13. Added better lightning stun effect to MP+SP. Moddb.com

14. Improved Jetpack flight mechanics, added jetpack fuel bar to sp. Moddb.com

15. Added wrist blaster to class Mandalorian class (sp).

16. Added Single player inventory system from Jedi Outcast. Moddb.com

17. Added force push resist animations.(MP+SP). Moddb.com

18. Fixed a small bug on VJUN2 where Kyle Katarn freezes mid cinematic when climbing up the broken pipes.

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