The "SCP: CB Nine Tailed Fox Mod" is a modification of the game "SCP: Containment Breach" and it will swap the role from the Class-D Subject D-9341 to one of the MTF Units from the group E-11 (Nine Tailed Fox). This mod is adding new mechanics, such as adding functional guns, having a "health" bar for the kevlar and so on. It will also add lots of new SCPs, NPCs, Rooms and other cool features to SCP:CB. The mod is currently in Alpha state.

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I hope you do good for the v0.2.0 this is all the support that I can give to you

This mod is ******* awesome

Mod is still growing and can't wait to try it out when 2.0 comes out.

Game Looks Amazing!


so good

MTF are my favorite character in the game. This mod is good, it's in development so there are a few bugs and lags in the game but the devs are working to get fixed.


ProNightmare says

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this is a good mod :)

its hard to says there are missing files... please help me

Despite being a mod, it is a good Spin-Off from the SCP Containment Breach. It reminds me of Half Life Opposing Force, since in that game we get into the role of a military man who was sent to Black Mesa to silence people. In SCP Nine Tailed Fox the same thing happens (well more or less) I would say that this "mod" has a lot of potential, it really is a game that works as an unofficial expansion of SCP Containment Breach, perhaps what bothers everyone the most ( including me) is that the only version that is so broken, really in the only version that there is you can not take even three steps before you get a Memory Access Violation, I suppose it does not matter, since currently it is still working on the game, and (that I know of) are working to move the game to version 1.13.3, which is the most stable so far, or I have also heard that they are working to make the game run in a .exe totally different from the original game. I really want to say I'm looking forward to the finished project, really a pretty good game that adds more content to the original Containment Breach. A marvel.

My score: 10/10

PS: I do not speak English, I am Argentine, so use Google Translate, and I would like you to add a patch in Spanish to the game, but those are already my details xD



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Game Looks Amazing!

Aug 11 2016 by EpicSkullYT