Welcome to this crappy Mod.

If you want to play this mod. Here is my suggestion:

  • Musics are loud(i guess) so prepare for ur ears.
  • Sounds are loud(not all of them) so don't make volume max.
  • Some musics are crap some of them are Epic.
  • still i'm lazy so this is only version 1.0(Alpha).
  • if you want to modify things(like Music,Sound Effects, Etc...) just do lmao.
  • Watch out for SCPs

What things Change really?

  • Musics (As i said. Some of them are pure Cringe, Some of them are Epic)
  • Changed SCPs (SCP-173 is Peanut, SCP-106 is Joe, SCP-096 is ThE MaN BeHiNd ThE SlAuGhEr, SCP-049 is TF2 Medic, Others aren't really changed)
  • Sounds are changed(sounds are Total Cringe or Epic)
  • Papers and Signs are changed
  • That's it.

Why this mod exist?

because of the Boredom mate.

Thanks for reading/playing mod. Also sorry for my broken english if it's really bad as this mod.

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Beta 0.7


What's new?

Changed Some SCP's, Musics & other things i forgot.

Is this the last release?


Why you keep updating this crap mod?

Why not?

Why you don't make a serious mod?

Because i'm lazy and i'm trying something different(I'm trying to make my own game).


Mod Idea:



  • Valve TF2 soundtrack - MEDIC!
  • Valve TF2 soundtrack - More gun (aka Meet The Engineer Music)
  • Valve TF2 soundtrack - A Little Heart to Heart
  • American Dad Theme song (Orginal instrumental) & American Dad Joe Version
  • Trololo Song Karaoke
  • HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA (Official Instrumental)
  • Spiderman Theme
  • Carmen Overture Toreador (aka Music Box Theme)
  • Star Wars Main Theme (16 bit edition)
  • Riders On The Storm - Snoop Dogg ft. The Doors
  • Johnny Johnny Yes Papa (Instrumental)
  • Gpop
  • Anthem of [REDACTED]


  • TF2 Voices
  • HL Voices
  • "Hahaha Funny" Soundeffects
  • Family Guy Voices
  • IDK how much sound i added/ or most of their names


  • Me making some texture
  • Joe Swanson from Family Guy
  • IDK what was this either
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SCP   XK Bruh Moment Scenario beta 0 7

SCP XK Bruh Moment Scenario beta 0 7

Full Version 1 comment

Here it's new edition i made. Probably this is the final version

SCP   XK Bruh Moment Scenario Alpha 1.0

SCP XK Bruh Moment Scenario Alpha 1.0

Full Version

This is Version 1.0(Alpha) so this is only file. also read desc


actually i cant get up on any stairs

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Detonage Creator

i dunno about that mate. It working on me. Try Copy Paste orginal game then change SFX,GFX,Data(if you want to cause it only change achievement names & SCP-294 behaviour) & Loadingscreen(again this is optional. only changes Loadingscreen not effect the gameplay of this mod). If it's not working then probably it's about game's engine and i don't know anything about the engine of this game so can't help about that.

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hello there is a problem on the lcz where if i go to surveilance room on the stairs i cant get up,and i need to get there,please solve that.

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-whips out uno reverse card-

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you are epic

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Detonage Creator

No U're Epic

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