All noted Changes:

Version 0.9 GFX:

- Changed Blink and Sprint Bar and icons.
- All smoke is white.
- All (none camera) monitors have a glow effect.
- Replaced all 895 pics.
- Changed the Keycard & Medkit INV icons and the Onmicard texture.
- Changed the Radio & S-NAV Icons and UI.
- Changed the Warhead Document.
- Changed the Menu and related UI.
- Changed some Achievent icons, titles & descriptions.
- Added new Loadingscreens.
- Small modifications on some NPC looks and Speeds.
- Changed Map textures to be more like SL.
- Added SCP-207 to 294.

Version 0.9 SFX:

- Changed Stuff in the Intro.
- Intro and Ending Voices are TTS :)
- Replaced all MTF announcements with CASSIE from SL.
- Changed all door sounds in a way.
- Changes to Endings.
- Changed all Button sounds in a way.
- Changed all music.
- Changed most radio stuff.
- Changed some SCP sounds.
- And a few more details.

Version 1.0 Additions:

- ALL 035 Sounds are changed (Well... I recored them so, they're really quiet and I sound bad :/ )
- ALL 049 sounds are changed (049 is now TinyyTonyy)
- The intro and endings are finished up, like I wanted them to be.
- Changed Door textures
- Changed Character textures to seem to be more like SL.
- Changed some documents for SCPs, that are in SL. (And the orientation leaflet.)
- Changed more SFX & GFX details you may not notice.

Version 1.1 Changes:
- The 939 Lure sounds are now "mmmmmmBARK".
- 096's trigger sounds are renewed.
- Changed 012 a bit.
- 035 voicelines are now really distorted to represent someone with a terrible mic.
- Keycard textures updated.
- Medkit (and S-NAV) Textures updated.
- Some more Documents updated.
- The Menu and GUI have been greatly updated.

Version 1.2 Changes:
-Fixed the whole new ambiance from last version.
-SCP-079 new voicelines in CASSIE voice.
-Small change to \096\ElevatorSlam.ogg
-Optimized 173 walking sound.
-012 is just a bit less lound.
-Updated surface skybox.
-Put different Image on that one badge.
-Changed the Leaflet text to a small info of some details (in german) >:)
-1499 Inventory Icon is now 286.
-Trench Plane has new "eye".
-Changed 5 SCP Containment Images.
-Updated Intercom Sign.
-PD looks more the same now.
-049 Death sound is now the normal one.
-Changed Shlash sound to 939 Growl.

-Mainly, I redid all of MTF's Voicelines, bc I did something with my mic and I don't sound awful now. (I realise they are a bit quite.)
-Did same for a poor janitor, guard & guard.
-Intro & Gate A got some additions.

Version 1.2.1 Changes;
- Did a bit with the monitors.
- Added SL Click sound for clicking :)
- Containment Symbols are now the access level icon from SL.
- NV Goggles are now (green) Flashlights.
- Jim Gonzales is actually Wavepoole.
- Gave the intro Guards some child screams.
- Fixed the Keycard textures.

V1.3 Changes:

-Redid the Monitors.
-Tiny change to mastercard/chaoscard.
-Tiny change to pill inventory icons.
-The drawing from the Teddy SCP in HCZ is now a meme.
-Tiny SCP-1025 Page Textures.
-Some Achievement Icon changes.
-Some Texture and sign Changes.
-Fixed a few Loadingscreens.
-The Tesla Texture is now much more accurate.
-SCP-173 now has an image of Matthew on it's face.
-Tiny improvements to the music quality.

-And almost all documents are different!

V2.0 changes:

-Removed almost all CB drinks from SCP-294 and reworked/added some other Stuff including: SCPs 018, 207, 500 & 330 + the two grenades :)
-Changes to Achievement names and all images.
-Changed the hole in the wall to the christmas tree :D also changed the exchange sounds to the jingle bells from the game.
-SCP-268 Skybox is now the normal night skybox from the surface.
-Bad Smoke now has a subtle green tint and good smoke is less opaque.
-Bullet holes are now yellow like in SL.
-The "Telekill Alloy" is now "The Blacklist"
-Some HCZ walls are now darker, HZ walls more saturated and LCZ walls are also darker.
-Made the Tesla lightning a bit more saturated and WindUp sound a small bit louder.
-The nostalgia sounds are now parts from FFOE.
-Edited & changed the SCP-268 sounds, 1048A sounds, 205 sounds, 513 sounds, 035 sounds, 205 sounds, some room abience, door sounds, PD sounds, 018 sounds, Forest ambience, 1123 ambience & sounds, 914 ambience, 066 sounds, 895 sounds, 035 sounds & a few other sounds.
-Replaced all 25 "Commotion" sounds with SL gameplay.
-More Intro changes with 7 different neat CASSIE annoucements.
-Updated Loadingscreen Texts taken from the SL wiki.
-Edited the credits and added two loadingscreens.
-Edited a few NPC and map textures.
-Changed some more Gate A & B sounds.
-Replaced the Femur Breaker scream with the April Fools 2019 Femur Breaker Scream from SL :D. (And his idle is hella loud so don't wait :P)
-Completely changed the Skull leaflet now and replaced the german voiceline with hubert talking about fireing you in polish.
-SCP-106 is now Starcat and all sounds relating to 106 is Starcat talking stupid stuff.
-The Radio channel 3 plays two more songs.
-Buffed NPC speeds.
-SCP-268/1499 has a distant Country Roads playing.
-SCP-012 song is now recognizable (and loud again.)
-More changes to signs.
-All new general & zone ambience.
-Minor changes to menu textures.
-The annoying Horror0.ogg is now replaced with a short electric bass extracted from FFOE because why not.
-The two other doggos now have their own set of soundboards.
-Items are now silent like in SL.
-Hand Icons are now the little dot and item pickup ring from SL.
-Polished the S-NAV/Tablet & Radio a bit.
-The Buttons finally look like they do in SL.
-Redid the MTF Annoucements.
-Intro & other Character sound improvements.
-Made Cameras and other objects look like in SL.

Details from all versions that were previously unnoted:

- pocket dimension holes in lcz have scp sl sounds
- the Skull SCP final shot by the nazi has the USP sound
- the suicide shot from the guard in the WC has the MP-7 silencer sound
- The loading finished sound has a manually added lag similar to how it automatically happens in SL.
- All 5 channels of the radio have different audio.
- 106 Recontainment has a CASSIE announcement afterwards.
- 066's eric sound is .g7
- Coffin SCP has different ambiance.
- The Corner of your Eye SCP makes no sound when entering it's chamber.
- Glass breaking sound switched with the one from SL.
- The Sound of the body falling from the celing in LCZ is the falldamage sound of SL.
- LCZ Sinkholes have the sound from SL.
- Elevators have to sounds from SL.
- Tesla gate windup sound is louder like in SL.
- Heavy Doors are darker.
- Servers have more Contrast.
- Helicopter sound is from SL.
- 914 does have the (unfiltered) sound from SL (wich is the old sound from CB) and the doors are silent.
- Access Denied Sound is shorter and the same for all three lock types like in SL.
- Your Footsteps are the same no matter where or how you walk.

(I've still missed just a few tiny details that may later be entered in here aswell.)

Version 3.0:

-All new SCP-173 sounds and model (Chamber, Vent, Horror & MTF containing it too).
-New 268/1499 Enter & Exit sounds and ported in a model SCP-268.
-New 294 sounds for the 207 & 500 drink and SCP-207 model and icon for cups plus a "Tantrum" drink.
-914 doors have sound again and new player in 914 sounds.
-New Item pickup and keycard/scanner use sounds.
-New gunshot sounds.
-New Tesla gate sounds and texture (also removed the caution sign on the floor).
-New Radio texture, sprite, icon, switch sound, channel 2 message & song that will play.
-New 1123 touch, music, horror & gunshot sound.
-New bathroom suicide guard gunshot sound.
-New 1048-A Growth sound.
-New 427 sounds.
-Changed up most Horror sounds.
-New Eye icon and removed sneak icon
-Bullet holes are back and tantrum stains inside 173 cell; hazmat suit
-New inventory icons for pill, eyedrops & playing card.
-New texture for medkit, vest/body armor, gas mask & hazmat suit. Same with their icons.
-New battery icon for the night vision goggles.
-Both keys are now keycards and 860 has an icon on it.
-Batterys are now ammo boxes.
-New adrenaline texture.
-Night vision goggles/flashlights are now night vision scopes.
-The navigator/tablet is now a workstation and the gas mask a sniper scope (with a light armor icon) xd.
-Whole new menu now actually accurate to SL.
-New camera screen texture and redid the cameras in the surveillance room.
-Small changes to the orientation document and class-d cells.
-New smoke sprite, new pipes texture and different generator sound.
-Gave Class-Ds, Scientists, Zombies, NTF & Guards a SL accurate color/texture.
-New Checkpoint monitor screen, the color for the finger scanner and a few more signs.
-New loadingscreen background and changes to some loadingscreens.
-Changed some of the older lower effort documents.
-Removed the breathing sounds of the player.
-The 268/1499 dimension now only has PD textures.
-A bunch of changes to the intro and a bit of ambience.
-Changed the old badge and ticket into something.
-Updated a few things in the endings.
-HCZ doors now have the same sounds as all other doors and 079 has a better X.
-New pipe, misc & tilefloor textures plus new whitewall bumpmap :).
-Minor changes to achievements.

Version 3.1 Changes:

-Bumpmap on LCZ walls is less intense
-Menu overhall yet again
-939 footsteps are now silent :)
-You can now find the codes for the 035 room and the offices of [DATA EXPUNGED]
-Messed with rooms.ini and some rooms now spawn in different zones or not at all
-SCP-914 refining sound is more accurate
-New HCZ walls
-Blue glass texture
-2 new loadingscrees and others updated
-Updated 2536 and 012 textures
-New SCP-2531 sounds
-Tiny bit more variety in 173 jumpscare sounds
-Refuse1.ogg in the intro is new
-Blue medkit is not a medkit anymore
-New breathing sound
-Put sounds from 2176 and 244 into some stuff
-Two new drinks in SCP-294
-Plus some minor stuff to like SCP sounds, etc

Version 3.1.1 Changes:

-SCP-372 is now SCP-018.
-939 now got a quiet default chase music.
-Small additions to PD sounds.
-Tons of new 1048 artwork.
-Three new cam screens in the surveillance room and some random monitor somewhere.
-Better 865 pics.
-049-2 now have the sound from the marshmallow man.
-Fixed the SCP-2176 Loadingscreen.
-Edited the pipe textures a bit.
-The forest now looks more like the surface area and has the default footstep sound (I also broke the leaves).
-The clipboard and wallet now look a bit like the 330 candy bag.
-The Doctor L notes are now stuff, yay + 6 other random documents.
-Made the 012 earrape shorter and quieter.
-Minor audio change to the gate B nuke ending.
-066 now has two different pitch REEEs.
-The femur breaker button now has the text from SL.
-Made 173 not kill your ears anymore.

Youtube Videos on this mod I could find:
TinyyTonyy: (Full Twitch Highlight:
Matthew David Productions:

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Version 3.1.1

Version 3.1.1

Patch 3 comments

Quarantine. Version 3.1.1 changelog: ...

Version 3.1

Version 3.1

Patch 2 comments

Another holiday, another version!

Version 3.0

Version 3.0

Full Version

A bunch of new stuff after SCP:SLs Parabellum update. The ZIP file is now 1 Gigabyte! :O

Anniversary V.2.0

Anniversary V.2.0

Full Version 2 comments

Huh, one year ago I uploaded the first version of this mod. A lot has changed since then (especially in this version). Btw, I'm super happy about any...




Here comes another one!

SCP CB SL V1.2.1

SCP CB SL V1.2.1


Anything I think of to do with this mod I will do eventually.

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Nexus_Jensen - - 3 comments

Bro, will be cool if this mod will be updated with newest SCP-939 and others...
Also please add something.

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Guest - - 695,263 comments

Oh and also since a lot of people call the plants in light containment zone “weed” or “420-J” why not grabbing the plant’s texture and put it on 420-J’s model

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normalplayer99 - - 23 comments

oh and 966 as marshmellow man

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normalplayer99 - - 23 comments

alright since scp sl has a 11.2 i got an idea for the scp-1853

replacing it for the eyedrops

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Guest - - 695,263 comments

If you can change the modeling of security guard and Nine Tailed Fox to SL...That will be very interesting

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Guest - - 695,263 comments

Why Did Changed The Ulitmate Edition?

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0JP1 Creator
0JP1 - - 27 comments

I may port the mod to the ultimate edition in the future.

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Guest - - 695,263 comments

Yo please make 372 as 018 it would be a perfect thing just make 372’s model a ball and make it red

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0JP1 Creator
0JP1 - - 27 comments

That‘s a good idea, I‘ll note it down.

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Guest - - 695,263 comments

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