Your name is Edward and you are on journey to find a medicine for your eye disease.

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Long ago.. I remember it being really good. So I just give it a 9. :3


Great !!


It's a good custom story, but I think nothing interesting in.


Humeba says

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The story is a little confusing. Don't know what to do sometimes. But I did enjoy it. I'm looking forward to Chapter 2.

No lantern, and it's a freaking maze. No fun.

There were no hint at the use of the dagger in the Storage and I got stuck there forever -_-''

And the key hidden below the bed was also tough to find.

Regardless, I still enjoyed it. A little short but enjoyable

Intresting story line and well made levels. Some unique quests and some really scary events!

But it did have some bugs, especially in the forest part. Some parts were also very bland and the ending was not satisfying at all.
But in overall, a great mod! Recommended

7/10 - Good

Feels like it's unfinished. There is barely any story and puzzles are just about running around. Plus the empty map design.



neonadler says

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