Sandpit is a sandbox mod for Half-Life. Use the spawn and pose menus on monsters and models from Half-Life and Opposing Force.

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This game was QUITE a fun game, I love it, what else is there to say?

LOVE it for once i have something to do with my halflife the only prop i got is that when i install Opposing force with it i can no longer use the menu...


10/10 best sandbox mod ever
You will make a version with custom weapons? Please



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When Gary's Mod was made for Half-Life 2, It began the excitement of the "Sandbox" mod, Half-Life itself never had such a mod to talk of..until Sandpit was made in 2008.

Sandpit is simply the "Gary's Mod" of the Gold-source engine, By using a Command menu you can spawn any kind of monster from Guards and headcrabs, to Gordon Freeman and Gargs.

You start any and every game with all the Half-Life weapons give to you, Sandpit can be further enhanced by changing the wads to include Opposing Force, Gunman Chronicles, Sven-Coop, Blue-Shift, Decay, or X-Half-Life Deathmatch content.

The only problem I can find is that V2.6 is the most stable version while more modern ones like V3.4 remove several features that make Sandpit fun. (like the command menu)


This mod makes single-player all the more fun! I wished it would work on my WON version so I wouldn't have to open Steam all the time, but what the hey? It's spectacular!


Good sandbox!



Im SOOO glad this mod exists! all the other sandbox mods stop development. this is by far the coolest and active one i have seen! i Definitely recommend it, if your looking for a classic sandbox feel game

It's like Garry's Mod but for the Half-Life engine!


Nice but now when i start it up it says Failed to initialize authentication interface. Exiting...

how can i fix this?

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This game was QUITE a fun game, I love it, what else is there to say?

Dec 26 2010 by LandyRS