Dreamcast Conversion is a mod to make the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX look like the original Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure.

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List of things that aren't in this mod with explanations

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For more information on what needs to be fixed, see this page.

Some Dreamcast-related assets are implemented in mods that aren't included in Dreamcast Conversion. I recommend using these mods together with DC Conversion for optimal experience. You can get these mods by downloading them from GitHub, Sonic Retro or by using my installer.

  • Lighting is handled by SonicFreak94's Lantern Engine mod. This mod recreates the lighting system used in the original Dreamcast game. DC Conversion makes use of the API provided by Lantern Engine for more accurate lighting and various effects.
  • Dreamcast character models are handled by ItsEasyActually's Dreamcast Characters Pack.
  • The running "motion blur" effect is handled by SonicFreak94's Onion Skin Blur mod.

There are a few things Dreamcast Conversion doesn't cover (yet):

  • Some minor visual effects and issues with transparency

SADX engine has issues with displaying transparent things properly, which is why there may be glitches involving transparent objects and some smaller visual effects may look different or not appear at all. I've introduced workarounds to make things look better, but sadly many of those aren't fixable currently due to limitations of SADX engine. This issue lists most of the glitches/missing effects, but there are also smaller glitches that are too numerous to report.

  • Cutscene differences

SADX has many small differences in cutscene camera angles, FOV and animations in comparison with SA1. There is a list of cutscene cameras I've restored, but other than those I have no interest in replicating SA1 cutscenes. I may get back to this once cutscene data in SA1 becomes easier to work with.

  • Fog data

The Dreamcast version uses fog tables to adjust fog distance, and in some levels it also adjusts fog dynamically depending on player location. SADX also generates fog tables, but fog density is different and the parameters used to generate fog can't be translated easily between versions (this is being investigated). In addition, SADX limits how much the minimum/maximum fog distances can be adjusted relative to each other. Because of the above two factors, the fog in SADX cannot be made to look exactly like in SA1. However, I've recreated dynamic fog adjustments manually in some isolated cases like Windy Valley and the Mystic Ruins jungle. I also did my best to replicate SA1 fog color and distances in SADX.

  • The original Chao system and missing Chao stuff

The Chao system in SADX is copied from SA2B for the most part. The Chao use different models, the way the Chao are colored is different, the Chao Race entrance menu is different entirely and missing the Multi-Entry (Party Race) mode. Several Chao-related things (toys, some behaviors etc.) aren't replicated in SADX: see this issue. In addition, the SADX Chao are missing some animations and sounds.

  • Some sound effects are still different

Even when using the sounds ripped from Dreamcast files, the game still sounds a bit different from the Dreamcast version. This is likely because the Dreamcast sound driver added some effects to original sounds. Fixing this will require finding out what effect is applied to each sound, and applying it manually in a sound editor. Sound Overhaul 2 restores or imitates some of the better known effects.

In addition, the Chao soundbanks are different between SA1 and SADX, and restoring SA1 Chao sounds requires more research. Some preliminary research is going on here.

This covers about everything I can think of. If you're interested in helping me out with any of the above, please let me know.


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