Scarlet Rivensin: The Ruiner is a dark, nightmarish, fast paced third person action modification for Doom 3 & Dhewm 3. Assume the role of a herald of Death & fights hordes of the damned using unique weapons, abilities and spells.

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Impressive. There aren't much 3rd person shooters running with id tech 4.

Nice design.


Really epic mod!
One of the best mods ever made for Doom 3 and i love it!

nice for people who love war games and startegy


the ideas and talent put into this MOD are great. The MOD is also very enjoyable with a few glitches per se. The gripes I have are not fully with the MOD itself but how it uses it's own config file. But all things aside, the content is good and very enjoyable. The new monster's were freakin sweet and looked very bad ***. The hero that you use is a very high quality model with great detail. I really hope they decide to make a full MOD from this and not just leave it as is because it has so much potential.

Very awesome mod, is definitely worth the wait for the download.

Only negative thing I could say, is it needs more levels.

It's a damn good modification, lots of custom stuff and very beautiful. But well, here's a lil bit pro and contra:


- very well done maps
- custom stuff
- player character is gorgeous
- new weaponry
- cool monsters (though some are known)
- fun to play


- like no story, you're just being put in a map and fight: for what?

So it's a great mod but it's only an eight because it's sort of the worst thing you could do putting the player somehwere where he has no clue what to do and what he's here there for. Except for that, awesome work!

Game play: 7/10
Very fun!! although sometimes weird how the sword acts like a bat instead of a sword... A sword is suppose to slice and dice not send enemies flying... love the combs although sometimes hard to pull off what you want though, or maybe I'm just not good at it. A plus is that it is a very challenging mod. I found myself dieing over and over which is good if you like hard games.

Creativity: 8/10
Very cool!!! a lot of creative things. Able to take objects and throw them is fun!! I did love the new 3rd person view and all the new weapons and maps make the game awesome!!!

Quality: 6/10
The maps were very detailed and cool but at times i didn't really know where to go next... Also the levels were very short which kind of sucks but they were still fun.

Overall: 7/10
Overall despite the short missions and the bat sword. The mod is pretty awesome!!! Way cooler than the silly Dark mod that everyone seems to like....Anyways can't wait for the full release!!!


Rate: 8 out of 10
-Probably the greatest Doom3 mod since 'Last Man Standing,' Ruiner was an outstanding experience, and clearly shows the dedication to a time-taken mod, far exceeding the development of many mods that tend to appear highly unproffesional, and what it lacked in experience it made up with outstanding development skills, such as high quality mapping, texturing, and the mod itself could esily be the base to a whole new game.
The game submerges the player into an experience Entirely different to that of Doom3, and manages to keep the "Doomer" in 'love' with the game, at least to those who favor "medieval" style environments. Even those who don't, such as myself, will be intrigued by the great environments that Ruiner provides, something missing in Doom3.
-As far as a medieval game goes, Ruiner may have been missing many aspects of a modern medieval combat game, but what it was missing with a bad aspect it made up for with other things. One bad aspect is long, and rather Quite boring battles with the bosses, but amazing AI and many of their new abilities were impressive.
-The only true thing that brings me to lower a rating to the mod is it's precis requirements, as far as a PC owner's graphics card. Although Doom3 itself encounters such problems, it rarely sees such problems, but Ruiner seems to be incompatible with rather many cards. This WAS a beta, so it's possible and probable that a 'final' release of patch might fix most of the problems and give Many more people the ability to play the mod.
To the modders, "Well done, Ruiner was a delight to play, with it's amazing story, features, maps, and a foxy new 'lady-character.'"
I hope to see more in this mod later, and also hope to hear people's good feedback on the game. In my eyes, the mod was Definetely worth the time it took to develop.

The Mod provided excellent game play, but it was a bit too difficult, the weapons were adequate but if spells could be considered completely separate from weapons then it would be better.

Monster design was brilliant specially the Guardian, but also insanely powerful. This Mod should be remade with another Engine but this time in form of a game. Something like BloodRayne ?

All the same, it was a brilliant Doom 3 mod, i havent had seen anything this brilliant in other doom 3 mods. But of course, the lack of Widescreen support is a bit annoying, in the end i had to use the main resolutions, i hope that in the final release the mod can support widescreen, or at least being able to provide custom resolution.


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Excellent work. Been waiting a while to play this and I can safely say that I was not disappointed. A very different approach to the standard Doom 3 gameplay that works very well. There were a few quirks that come with all betas, but nothing to bring this mod down. Runs great, looks great, and sounds great. An excellent addition to the Doom 3 mod list.


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Impressive. There aren't much 3rd person shooters running with id tech 4.

Nice design.

Sep 10 2011 by =FF=Sturm