General improvement of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, with updated graphics giving new life to textures and shaders and new combative AI, no gameplay changes. Universal compatibility for every Rtcw mod/application on Windows/Mac/Android.

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Very good mod - especially the textures are way better compared to the vanilla RTCW. Highly recommended. The mod author is also a really kind and helpfull person.

I went through the whole game on I'm death incarnate level. This mod is incredible ! This mod is poetry for not only my eyes. I have a few comments only to same mistakes AI's opponents stucks. And yet as you will be able to insert 3D textures grass , walls that will be perfect. I've had problem with crash only when i loaded game from save bar or used f5 or f9. But - Great Work. That only what im thinkink about venom 3.0.

Amazing, another example of modders reviving some of the good old games, new textures and effects look great, very simple and easy installation, just extract the files into the wolfenstein installation directory and you're done. keep up the good work =]

Fantastic modification! This mod successfully upgrades the textures and makes the game look a LOT nicer than the original. The guns look especially nice, and the mod works with no problems if you have other mods running with it. It has not interfered at all with the coop mod. Awesome job :)


The mod is great, the only issue I have with it is that enemies gets more health to the point where explosions don't kill them and just send them flying around. It's annoying especially toward the end. Note that I was playing it in max difficulty.

faithful to the original textures, very beautiful


Great for people who have played the campaign dozens or even hundreds of times such as myself.


Makes a classic game feel like a new one :)



Downloaded this yesterday night and this mod is everything I ever wanted out of this game. I was looking for a mod, that made only graphics and AI better. No gameplay changes, no new weapons, no new gimmicks. This is exactly it.

Played through the first 2 levels on the hardest difficulty and wow, the AI is actually a threat now. They hide when reloading, are much more accurate, react faster, actually move around and not just stand there when shooting. They are also much tougher and don't die after 3-4 hits. You can no longer just rush everything and expect to easily stomp the entire game like it was in vanilla. I had to move carefully and think about every engagement or I would easily lose most of my HP in a second even in the first 2 levels. I'm very curious as to how challenging some other, tougher enemies are (paratroopers, proto-soldiers etc.).

The graphics are very nice. Exactly the type of non-intrusive improvement, that keeps the original spirit, yet is is so much better to look at.

Once again, it feels absolutely awesome to be fighting an AI, that is actually a threat. The little I played so far was with my jaw on the floor. Easily one of the best mods I've ever seen.

The game was 10/10 before, with this mod, it's 11/10 easily.