C&C: Reign of Steel is a re-envisioning of the Tiberian series, so it is completely separate from the original universe. However, some parts are still similar to the original - the appearance of GDI and Nod for example. Because I am not sticking with the original universe I can make major changes to the appearance and feeling of the game.

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Update from Previous Version
[New Unit]
- Add Megalodon for Consortium ; this unit have ability to stun vehicle and do damage in same time with his melee combat weapon.
- Add Barracuda for Consortium Replace to Manta ; this unit take same role as Manta but she use machinegun that can attack both air and grount instant
- Add Scalpel for Nod as repair vehicle ; this repair unit have ability to fly across battle field and repair vehicle from longrange
- Add Juggernaut for GDI ; similat to Nod Irontail but he do less damage but more spread impact area.

[Balance and Tweak]
- Nod Devil's Buggy now using flame thrower instant fireball launcher
- Sidewinder Cost reduce from 2000 to 1600
- Mammoth Tank have ability to use Mammoth Tusk missile attack ground unit
- Increase Hammerhead damage in Artillery mode
- Consortium Guardian Trooper now can be build on T1
- Twister Fighter Now fire pulse missile instant pulse gun.
- Jumpjet Trooper now attack air unit with machinegun instant missile
- Attack Bike ; Have stealth detection abilities
- Devil's Buggy ; No longer detect stealth unit
- Tick Tank ; Now Available in T1
- Nod Samsite ; Need Radar to build instant Barrack
- Avatar ; Decrease Avatar Attack Range to7.25 but do more Damage and increase HP from 250 to 275
- Stealth Tank ; Increase Stealth tank damage but Do less damage vs infantry from 50%,25%,25% to 20%,15%,15%
- Railgun Tower ; Damage Reduce from 75 to 50 and HP increase from 600 to 750
- Obelisk of light ; Damage increase from 150 to 180 and HP increase from 750 to 800
- Proton Cannon ; Damage increase from 33 to 45
- Increase Jackal Fire Power
- Irontail weapon now do damage 2 time when bullet "hit target" and when "explode"
- Empress "Doomblast" Attack Faster
- Empress Micro missile now do area damage
- Board Rider EMP Grenade now do damage to target
- Proton Cannon have ability to Stun vehicle with EMP
- Proton Cannon now need Tech Center
- Reduce Repair Bison Attack from 70 to 50
- Increase Supplier Heal ability from 50 to 70
- Improve Consortium Color Palette [ little Darker]
- Consortium Now use New EVA
- Improve weapon sound effect for most of Consortium unit
- Reduce Attack range from most unit now only "Artillery type" unit can out range attack T3 Defense Structure
- Quantum Tank now can attack target on level ground
- Add new Quote for Poseidon
- Reduce Cost of most Infantry unit for 25%
- Improve Terrain Graphic

[Bug Fix]
- Fix AI Mammoth Tank that some time didn't attack Construction Yard
- Fix missing Unit name on Deploy iron tail
- Fix Skybow Invisible when deploy
- Fix Turret animation of all Defense Structure
- Add New Map!

[New ROS Map]
- Shining Island [4]
- Forest Pass[2]
- Tier of Sorrow [2]
- Oasis [2] ; Original Map By Truefeel
- Dryheat [4]
- Tarrace [4]
- Tiberium Garden [6]
- Sinkhole [5]
- Monument Valley [6]
- Flame of Hell [6] ; Original Map By Truefeel

*** installation ***
- Install Your Ra2 with YR and update it to that last version
- install Npatch_AE
- install Npatch _Extant
- Unzip all ROS file into Ra2YR directory
- Run the game and have fun

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C&C: Reign of Steel Public Beta 3

C&C: Reign of Steel Public Beta 3

Demo 15 comments

C&c: Reign of Steel Public Beta 3 or build 240312 has been release!! with 4 new unit , balance change ,Bug fix and ton of New Map! *note* this's not...

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game crashing when I start skimrish before load map, and the game crashing after about 3 seconds after loading the Allied campaign.
Game versnio 1.001. Original game run well.
I would also like to mod had a self-extracting archive files are automatically deleted after you exit the game

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Holy_Terra Creator

well... I'll consider to update the mod one last time with Factions UI and last consortium unit "Stalker" some unit might have some change.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Oh man, please do that, I like this mod just too much))

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Great news, will we see the update before the new year ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This mod is awesome a real masterpiece keep up the good work! Hope to see an update soon ;-)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Holy_Terra Creator

Hi sorry to disappoint but I'm no longer work on it anymore. - -"

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Fantastic units and building design, one of the great tiberium mods! I track this mod forever! Good luck in this project!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This is one of my favorite RA2 mods so far - work you've done is amasing!) So tell me, will there be that last update, or you're working only on your new project now?) If it's related to this one, I would like to know more about it))
Anyway, thank you for this nice mod)

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