Breif Summary : A Patch/Mini mod in development by RiderOfRohan For the game Battle For Middle-Earth 1. Goal : To get the art to be similar to what EA promised in the trailers and e3 demo. Detailed Summary : After not being able to complete my old mod HD ROTWK, I've decided to release the textures I've done into a patch or mini-mod compatible with Thorongil's 1.05 patch and the future 1.06 patch and is aimed directly to enhancing the T3A : Online experience :). I'm still working on enhancing more textures, so please be patient - ROR P.s. I do not steal from other people mods, if you've seen my other mods before, I make sure my work is detailed, unique, and MINE. I have of course used some stuff from my mods however. Big thanks to Thorongil on showing me textures can be changed via patch :)

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The T3A:Online Team is proud to present
our latest BFME innovation,

~ What is T3A:Patch 1.06? ~
T3A:Patch 1.06 (or 1.06 for short) is a community patch developed by the T3A:Online Team.
It fixes the main issue of patch 1.05 (known as the movement bug) and adds a number of exciting new features and game improvements.
We intend for T3A:Patch 1.06 to be the official patch of the T3A:Online server.
~ How can I get T3A:Patch 1.06? ~
T3A:Patch 1.06 is distributed through the T3A:Online launcher.
All you need to do is start up the T3A:Online Launcher and agree to install the latest update.
NOTE: T3A:Patch 1.06 requires Community Patch 1.05 to be installed!
To use the common higher zoom out (widescreen patch) you will need an additional file, see FAQ below.

~ What are the primary features of T3A:Patch 1.06? ~
The features we are most excited about are the movement bug fix, the inclusion of 15 quality new and balanced maps,and the graphical overhaul of every unit and hero, increasing their texture resolution from 64x64 to 256x256.

~ What exactly does T3A:Patch 1.06 change? ~
Click here for a thread detailing all the new maps.
You can find a full and detailed changelog below:

T3A:Patch 1.06 CHANGELOG

---------------------NEW FEATURES---------------------
-15 new maps added. Maps have been edited and tested for balance.
- All unit and hero textures have been upgraded from their original 64x64 resolution to 256x256 resolution.
- Previously unused hero and unit sounds added (unit and hero salute sounds, several special power voice sounds).

---------------------GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS---------------------
- Many House Color textures have been changed to improve design, color fidelity and visibility.
- Select-All-Heroes hotkey reinstated.
- House Colors reverted to 1.03 color palette.
- White added as House Color option.
- Mordor Haradrim Lancer Horde now randomizes between two textures.

---------------------BUG FIXES---------------------
- Removed the "+50% Armor" from Eye of Sauron's tooltip.
- Rohirrim Armor fixed, now take less HERO damage with both Heavy Armor and Horse Shields (50% in both cases).
- Many missing & incomplete ingame texts fixed.
- Terrain textures on high graphic settings fixed (bug in 1.05).
- Faramir passive LD adjusted to behave exactly as intended (time delay until he gives LD equals now all other heroes).
- Eye of Sauron experience leadership bug fixed. Units rank up properly if the eye is on top of them. * * The bug might happen on rare occasions due to latency effects.

---------------------NEW MAP LIST---------------------
- Andrast - Original author: Rimli
- Carnen - Original author: m@tt
- Carrock - Original author: BadMadMax
- Druwaith Iaur Winter - Original author: Naugrim
- Iron Hills - Original author: Haldir
- Tharbad - Original author: Haldir
- Eregion - Original author: Lex Flores
- Fords of Bruinen - Original author: m@tt
- Old Ford of Anduin - Original author: m@tt
- Desolation of Smaug - Original author: Haldir
- Dimrill Dale - Original author: m@tt
- Lossarnach - Original author: Haldir
- South Rhun - Original author: Dennis Agodzo
- Dunland - Original author: Haldir
- Lamedon - Original author: TheFoeHammer

~ Why did you decide to release your own patch? ~
Our team felt that the current divide between 1.04 and 1.05 players was harmful to the quality of the BFME community,a split that exists mostly because of the movement bug introduced in patch 1.05.
As such, we designed this patch in an attempt to bridge the gap and appeal to everyone, both 1.04 and 1.05 players.

~ Misc T3A:Patch 1.06 FAQ ~
Q: Do I need to have patch 1.05 installed before I can install 1.06?A: Yes, you need to have 1.05 installed. Note that 1.05 requires 1.03 to be installed. PATCH 1.03 DOWNLOAD LINK & PATCH 1.05 DOWNLOAD LINK.
Q: Can I still play using other patches on the server?A: The server is still technically patch-independent, so yes. However, we highly recommend updating the server client and using T3A:Patch 1.06 as it fixes critical bugs and generally improves the game experience.
Q: I don't want to use the new HD textures. Can I play T3A:Patch 1.06 without them?A: You can, yes. Simply go into your Battle for Middle-earth installation folder (C:\Program Files\EA Games\The Battle for Middle-earth) and remove_patch106textures.big. You will still be able to play with people who have the HD textures installed.
Q: Does T3A:Patch 1.06 contain balance changes?A: No, after extensive deliberation we have decided to not introduce any balance changes in this patch.
Q: I play using the Widescreen Patch. Do your new maps support widescreen?A: We have released an updated Widescreen Patch to support the new maps in T3A:Patch 1.06. DOWNLOAD LINK.
Q: Is it possible to download the patch seperate from the T3A:Online Client? A: It is, but we highly suggest installing it via the T3A:Online Launcher as it installs everything in the right place automatically. The patch files can be downloaded seperately here: DOWNLOAD LINK.

~ T3A:Patch 1.06 Credit and Thanks ~
ICT - Map Editing, Coding
Echo - Map Editing, Coding
Phil - Coding
Rider of Rohan - Coding, HD Patch Artist
Mathijs - HD Patch Artist, Map Editing
BadMadMax - Maps
Dennis Agodzo - Maps
Haldir - Maps
Lex Flores - Maps
Naugrim - Maps
Rimli - Maps
m@tt - Maps
TheFoeHammer - Maps

Special Thanks:
Rider of Rohan for donating his fantastic HD Patch work to T3A:Patch 1.06.
Celeglin for his Hobbitsy faces, Nertea for his Berserker texture, and Kwen for Éomer's pretty chest armor.The T3A community for helping out with various bits of troubleshooting.Everyone who participated in testing.
I will also release the texture patch (alone as a single .big file) here on this MODDB Page, However it is recommended you download it with the T3A: Online launcher as the new features of patch 1.06 are very well done as I've helped in the development and tested it and use it myself. Also T3A: Online for those who do not know, has brought back the use of BFME's multiplayer (Online) features. So those who do no have it and are interested can view it here.

What this patch/mini mod is about

What this patch/mini mod is about


Explains in detail what my goals here are, the progress so far, details on why this patch is in progress/ is being developed and my other mods for The...

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The HD Texture Patch !

The HD Texture Patch !

Full Version 5 comments

The HD Texture patch is out guys ! Check it out guys, and I hope you enjoy !

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I have a question: Is there a way to reduce the FPS in the game with patch 1.06? Mine has it capped at 38, and the game runs too fast. I tried editing some files but the only result was a crash to desktop.

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RiderOfRohan Creator

Well you could make yourself a mod that reduces the current fps, but I believe the current is 34 fps.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So I clicked the link, got into but nothing to download, just the laucher desc, but nothing to download.
Any help please? Thx from advance

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
RiderOfRohan Creator

All of the links in the news post are now fixed.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Download page is down :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RiderOfRohan Creator

Must have been a temporary thing, seems to be working fine now.

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