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BFME 1 - (patch) 2.00

by sam-the-brave

latest update: 2015-10-14 02:56 PM



(nothing here in download section because of its size: 2 files 92mb total)

patch 1.06 etc required

direct link:

if it doesn't work try it in an other browser or try right click and save linked content to destination

how to 'install':

put it in the bfme installation folder: *\EA GAMES\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm)

where the other patches are up to patch 1.06

this mod makes hardly used units like elves, mumakil etc. more attractive and brings
in some new units and abilities with (hopefully) not affecting the game balancing;

balancing data is below; some new maps added;
multiplayer colors are maintained to the new units

if some problems or bugs occur, please comment or leave me a message so i can fix it

the Witch-king doesn't get his Flamesword on foot because it makes him to strong

Black Uruks are NOT moved to Mordor because this has strong effects on game balancing.

Consider them as a gift from Sauron to Saruman ;)

i called the "mod" patch 2.00 because it is meant to be a patch for the multiplayer

have fun playing it!

======AI Update======

more difficult AI:

- Mordor recruits more Trolls and Siege Towers

- Isengard uses more Siege Ladders

- Gondor recruits more Knights

AI uses now all new units and abilities


--- V3 CHANGES ---

new battle tower to Mordor & Rohan

Isengard & Rohan Armory modified

haradrimpalace modified

new mumakil added

some other tweaks

--- v2 changes ---

Witch-king can now unmount the Fellbeast

(code from the Shadows of Evil – Mod by GothmogTheOrc)

By switching between mounted and unmounted, Witch-king gets full healt again (no other way to let him unmount)

that's why you have to enable this ability first by selecting the Toggle Enabler and wait some (long) time.

And it tages 10 secs to unmount/mount

Both just to avoid toggling only to get full health again when damaged

- Legolas Leadership to Evles only: +25%Armor +25%DMG => Theoden NO leadership to Elves

- catapults, ballista & trebuchet higher attackpriority to attack siege engines

- sharku can now 'charge'/gollum can 'escape' while running

- wall trebuchet no more reduced by blacksmiths, cost now 1200

- stoneworker now -25% / -50% cost to defense buildings

- sauron/galadriel-leaderships better adjusted to fractions (useless boost reduced..)

- haldir, elrond and highelves as summoning of galadriel (with silver dorn arrows!)

- denethor, grima and gothmog added with funny abilities

- different type of orcs in battalions

- trolls increase their knockback resistance by each level up to 90% resistance in lvl 8

- all unit production buildings can be ranked up by equipping with an upgrade

- warpaint for mumaks/ mordor armor for trolls: makes them lvl 2

- shelob can be stealthed in the woods (changing opacity wasn't possible -> has now cloak effect)

- Gwaihir more expensive, cost now reduced by heroic statues again

- trollcaptains now restricted to 3

- legolas +20% speed knifefightermode

- saruman & aragorn knockback resistent in lvl 10


- overseer modified, now only one

- lurtz heal ability for uruks in lvl 4, cost now 1400

- lurtz +25% speed with blade master

- berserkers now much better (and far more expensive)

- saruman bonus damage against gandalf the grey

--- v1 changes ---

Pippin & Merry

-> in Lvl 5 Pippin/Merry become Member of the Towerguard/Esquire of Rohan with +15% Armorbonus + new skin


added to Isengard:

-> Improves working speed of laborers/grants exp to strucutres


added to Isengard

Toggle Munition

-> all unit types and combos can toggle now between fire arrows and normal arrows
(if equipped with fire arrow upgrade)
save mumakil-orcarcher-combo..

-> elves now can spark mines with a single fire arrow shot


-> Aragorn becomes King fo Gondor in Level 10: visual changes

-> summoned Oathbreakers now contain cavalry (Aragorn summoning only)

Ranger, Knights & Elves

-> some damage/armor balancing, all stats can be seen in full changelog


-> heromeleedamage decreased to 25% (from 50%)
-> shortcut for flying changed to "F"


-> damage increased
-> +100% Damage against Ents

-> can summon the souls of the seven dwarven kings in level 10 (!)

(much weaker then AotD)

-> balanced armor, damage and helath stats, now not imba


-> cost, heal amount and speed modified
-> attacks when idle


-> new ability added to Saruman (in lvl 10), now command points 5

-> does magic ranged damage now


-> to mordor added

-> flame sword of angmar

-> now command points 10, new ability is powerful

Galadriel & Sauron added with interesting new abilities

-> Anti-Heros: Gandalf, Aragorn, Saruman, Witchking & Nazguls
-> meant to finish off long battles

Royal Guard & Knights of Dol Amroth

-> restricted special units with nice effects

(Black) Uruk Hai

-> new Uruk Hai added to Isengard (and adding new strong infantry units to mordor makes Mordor imba.. )

Morannon Orcs

-> Morannon Orcs added to Mordor

Olog Hai

-> larger (and more expensive) troll added to Mordor

does same damage impact as a troll swinging a tree already when created; that's why you can't/don't need to equip him with a club


-> Gwaihir added to Gondor

other changes:

summoned elves now elves from rivendell (high elve model);
-> same stats etc, just visual change

Barad Dur/Orthanc now castle keep in evil base (visual change only, same armor/health)

drummertrolls now dont attack when idle

melee and ranged damage displayed with the unit's/structure's health

Multiplayer Colors added/changed

Exp to level up heros a bit modified

new small ability to Treebeard

boromir has a captain of gondor skin in lvl 5

new small escape ability to Gollum

Berserker skin improved

Trolls & Wargriders bonus damage against siege

nazgul/eagles now attack when idle (not witchking)

Theoden horse skin moved to original skin again


to maintain Merry and Pippins skinchange, use the cloak ability before they reach
lvl 5 (otherwise it might switch back to normal), same for Aragorn but it shouldn't
be that problem to use any of his abilities before he reaches lvl 10 ;)


it wasn't possible to me to create an asset.dat (because of several technical reasons) so i had to re-use not

used skins and did many skin exchanges; it could look wierd in worldbuilder but everything is fine ingame



- new map Plains of Gorgoroth, 6 players (done by myself)
- new map Tidelands of Forchel, 7 players (done by myself)
- new map Valley of Isengard, 8 players (done by myself)
- new map Old Dwarrowdelf, 8 players (very large map; done by myself)

- modified map south rhun now called desert of ruhn, 6 players (with wild mumakil..)

- modified Helms Deep & The Black Gate: now 8 players

maps from Haldirs Map Pack:
- Minhiriath (7 players)
- Forlindon (5 players)
- Paths of the Dead (2 players)

- min camera height changed to this maps


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appena finisco la prima campagna del male, a Isengard, mi da una sorta di errore e mi fa chiudere tutto. Patch 1.06 installata, ho aggiunto anche i file che aumentano i CP, può darsi sia quello a rovinare tutto?

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Please give me the download link

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i love you all and thx ti's mod

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I found download link, thanks bro.. grate mod

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Where is download file?

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How to Get This Patch

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sam-the-brave Creator

I know it's a bit late but you have to click on read more, there are all links you need

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How do I get this version

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