This mod is gonna have several campaign's one will be in the Time of Trajan in 117 AD another During the parthian wars (66 BC – 217 AD) and during the 2nd punic war (218 to 201 BC) and the German Marcomannic Wars 166-180 AD.

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The Factions of the mod


the factions of the mod currently are

5.the Caledonii tribe

these are the nations i know about that were in the time of trajan and im going to reseacrh more about them and im not sure yet if there will be new units but im gonna try. and id like 2 see at least 4 german tribes and 2 tribes in the britain scotland ireland area and a few more in the east.

nashvicks26 Creator
nashvicks26 - - 73 comments

but it could die if i dont get someone who knows how to create new units.

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nashvicks26 Creator
nashvicks26 - - 73 comments

no it aint dead.

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gilan98 - - 7 comments

is this dead? coz it has potential

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nashvicks26 Creator
nashvicks26 - - 73 comments

guys this mod will have new units ive got a guy working on them now.

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