It's 1942 and World War II is at full force and the Germans are fighting a fierce battle against the Allies. There's a rumour going around that the Evil Dr Schabbs has found away to create strong fighting machines to help Hitler rule the world. This devastating experiment has been given the name Rising Evil by the Allies. Dr Schabbs deadly fighting machines have been sent into battle to attack unyeildingly until no other Allies are alive. Dr Schabbs has no sympathy for his killing machines and if this experiment was to succeed, it would spell disaster to the rest of the world and humanity.

These evil experiments have been rumoured to be amoungst the mountains in Germany, in several underground chambers and then leading to one of Dr Schabbs secret labs, where the Evil doctor is creating his evil killing machines. The Allies in desperate inspiration have acquired maps from a few ally spies showing the locations of where these ingenious experiments are being held.

There's reasons to be heard that these chambers are to be heavily guarded, except for one operating area which is lightly guarded and is considered to be the easiest way to infiltrate the Nazi base and destroy Dr Schabbs and his evil plans. The Allies have thought of the best person for the job, a man by the name of Captain William J. Blazkowicz or known as B.J.

You are B.J. Blazkowicz, and your commanding officers are sending you to stop Rising Evil from succeeding. Your target is infiltrate the Nazi Apartments, which is lightly guarded and has been assigned as your entry point. You'll enter the apartments through the sewers and work your way through four underground chambers to secret lab, where the evil Dr Schabbs does all his experiments.

It is believed to get to the lab you'll have to travel through several chambers which you will eventually lead you to the lab, along the way you'll be caught up amongst some heavy fighting where the higher Nazi generals are being trained. Your orders are to eliminate as much resistance as possible and kill the evil Dr Schabbs and his deadly mean machines.

This is one of your toughest missions yet and you'll be fighting against some of Hitler's toughest solgiers, so fight hard and remember to make use of the health and ammunition that has been left behind to help you through out your mission. The Allies and the rest of the world are counting on you, so do your best and try and win for all humanity.

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A Complete Remake


I've decided months ago that I'll be remaking my first mod Rising Evil. It will give the game a modern update with all new features and graphical changes, as well as most of the major bugs that were in the Orignal removed. Plus it is going to be known as "Rising Evil: Schabbs Design". Once this is completed I'll also be remaking Double Trouble...


No download links, there's a reason why I rated it 1/10.

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**** off or I report your account to become a guest

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