THIS IS A MOD OF RISE OF THE REDS! Rise of the Reds is a great mod made by our friends at SWR Productions. This mod is an Overhaul-style mode of ROTR - a reimagining of the formula in a more balanced and fun way for online play. It adds many new units and abilities such as Kirovs-style Airships, Cryocopters, Horde Bonus Aircraft, GPS Scrambler GP, going up to Rank 8, Swimming & Transportable dogs, and many, many more balance changes. The aim of the mod is to change the way you precieve the gameplay of Rise of the Reds 1.87 to something that is more similar to Zero Hour and other classic C&C games.

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Hey guys!

It's been a while, but I have finally got back on track to working on the new Babushka's Mod version. Speaking of which, it will have Generals, and some other features that may or may not arrive depending on the situation eg. new maps, music, sounds etc. (if they are confirmed then hopefully you will see some new people around)

You may all have noticed that the name of the mod has been renamed to Babushka's Revenge from the old Balance mod. This is because I have taken a changed stance on the future of the mod. No longer will it be a balance mod, but it will rather aim to change the contents of the entire game. An overhauled version that will play completely differently from the original game; allowing for more diverse strategies, more ways to play and more fun all the while.

Currently, I have finished China & USA generals, and I am working slowly but surely on GLA, Russia and ECA. You may be excited to hear that you will see some familiar faces in Russia, with the Blackout Node returning from old builds, and some new but interesting units provided by M.P and ECA having standard protocol units --- that means that the Anvil Bot and Jumpjet Troopers will become standard (and the Fenris has obviously been converted into the Cryocopter for purposes of normal gameplay).
GLA has of course obtained some new things as well, including but not limited to the Dune Buggy (details will be revealed later), the Oil Drill Plant - which is a re-purposed GPS Scrambler; Toxin Rebels and some more specific buffs to make GLA more on par with the other factions in the newer builds.

I should also show off this new loading screen:

Babushka's Revenge Loading Screen

And also, in the next build, you might spot some of these keen new cameos to show off the new stealth detecting units! Plus, a future update may include some edits for amphibious units too. The icons for the stealth detection are likely to be revamped in the future.

Check out the image itself for more details on stealth detection changes.

New Stealth Detection & Amphibious Cameos

Finally, from the aforementioned Dune Buggy, I can confirm that this will be the cameo for the Buggy, taken from the cancelled Generals 2 game. The Dune Buggy is likely to be stealth while moving and revealed when attacking, but taking a sizeable period of time to restealth; after getting the Camouflage upgrade. The Dune Buggy is Terror Cell's main weapon. It can also climb cliffs like Combat Cycles.

And with that, peace out
- Enigma


hello by chance can you make it reduce the level of difficulty of the game?

.... I do not know, reduce AI or money but what is the balance between the player? -_-!

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ZiftEnigma Author

If the AI is harder, try a weaker difficulty or try increasing amount of money. I don't do the AI actually, it's the same AI from SWR productions which will likely not be changed.

Multiplayer balance in public build is not perfect, but the next one will be made for MP games

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