Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.03 (Tap) Mod

By: "One_Dead_Angel" aka "One_Dead_Villy" aka Ray Tang
Date: Mar 6, 2005

.New 3D model

.New textures

.Correkt animation

I would like to thanks Big Huge Games for a great game and the resources basis
from which this mod is made.

Also I would like to thank Ensemble Studios for the building screenshots from
which I made some of the building textures I made for this Mod.

I would also like to thank Edilberto for helping with some historical research on the
Italian and Spanish Nations in this Mod, AoR_Blixt for some historical research for
the Danish Nation in this Mod.

You should put the files for this mod under a directory such as shown below:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\mods\Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.0 (TaP)\

If you installed Rise of Nations in another directory, naturally you should have
a directory under the game directory called "mods", which you have to create yourself if you hadn't already done so. Under that you should have a
folder called "Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.0 (TaP)", with the mod files and directories
for this mod all under that.

Instructions (IMPORTANT):
To enable this Mod, just pick the mod named "Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.0 (Tap)" from
the Mods drop down menu choice in your game settings screen.

This mod is Multiplayer compactible, so you should be able to play it on MP assuming
everyone has this mod installed. However, it is not recommended that you allow
autotransfer during online startup since this mod is almost 8 Megs compressed.

This mod is playable with all game mods, and nations. However it can ONLY be played
in the Enlightenment Age, so you can to set the beginning and ending age to that.
Age advancement research is disabled, so if you do not set the age properly, you
will be stuck. The way this mod has been made, you will not have access to units
outside of those in this mod for the most part. In order to pick the new nations
in this mod, you choose what that nation is based on however. Once you have ran
the mod, and havent exited the game, mousing over the original nation choices will
show up the modded nation names and powers in the pop up help.

Also just in case the title of the Mod wasn't clear. This mod is only for the
Rise of Nation Thrones & Patriots Expack.

Changes in this Mod:
This mod has a total of 123 objects (103 units, 8 buildings, 10 resources) are reskined
Plus 2 new model.

* New Concept of Government Unique Units, so that certain Nation's Unique Units are only
available if you research a certain government type.
* Nation powers are based on the original, but in some cases they have been changed to
fit this mod better, so do not assume they are exactly the same as the original.

French (with the Power of the Revolution) based on the Turks
UU: Old Guard Grenadiers, Young Guard Grenadiers, Horse Grenadier, Voltigeurs, Gribeauval Cannon, Polish Auxiliary Lancer, Corsican Tirailleur

Prussia (with the Power of Militarism) based on Aztecs
UU: Musketiers, Schutzen, Jaegers, Landwehr, Junker Grenadiers, Death's Head Hussar

British (with the Power of Empire)
UU: Red Coats, Rocket Artillerymen, Ship-of-the-line, Chosenmen, Highlander, King's German Legion, Royal Scot Grey

Austria (with the Power of Multinationalism) based on Persians
UU: Chevauleger, Uhlan Lancer, Magyar Hussar, Diplomat, Tyrolean Jager, Musketiers, Grenzer

Ottomans (with the Power of Islam) based on Koreans
UU: Bedouin Raider, Mameluke, Jannisary Corps, Topiji Cannon, Sipahi Lancer, Camel Corps

Mamelukes (with the Power of the Nile) based on Egyptians
UU: Bedouin Raider, Camel Corps, Mameluke Cavalry, Mameluke Guards, Mameluke Sultans

Papal States (with the Power of Christianity) based on Greek
UU: Vatican guards, Papal Merceneries, Papal Mercenary Lancer, Priest, Missionary

Russia (with the Power of the Motherland) based on Russia
UU: Serf, Pavlovski Grenadiers, Cossack Lancer, Lifeguard Mounted Jager, Opolochenie

Dutch (with the Power of Commerce) based on original Dutch
UU: Armed Merchant, Armed Caravan, Armed Supply Wagon, Fluyt, Royal Red Lancer, Grenadier Guards

Portuguese (with the Power of Trade) based on Nubia
UU: Cacadores, Atiradores, Man of War, Armed Merchant

Sweden (with the Power of the Baltic) based on Japan
UU: Indelningsverks, Lantvarns, Mornerska Hussar, Finska Auxilliary, Gunsloop

Denmark (with the Power of the Vikings) based on Bantu
UU: Norske Auxilliary, Armed Merchant, Skarpskyttekorps, Kanonchalup

Italians (with the Power of Architecture) based on Mayan
UU: Voltigeurs, Grenadier Guards, Cacciatore Cannon, Chevauxleger, Diplomat

Westphalians (with the Power of Centrality) based on French
UU: Voltigeurs, Grenadier Guards, Gribeauval Cannon, Jager Guards, Landwehrs

Rhine Confederation (with the Power of Industry) based on Germans
UU: Voltigeurs, Grenadier Guards, Chevauleger, Musketiers, Schutzen

Poland (with the Power of Persistance) based on Mongols
UU: Voltigeurs, Grenadier Guards, Chevauleger, Vistula Devil Lancer, Lithuanian Tartar

Spain (with the Power of Castles) based on Romans
UU: Insurgent Guerilla, Milicia Honrada, Royal Carabinero, Zaragoza Grenadiers

Just for a lark (and to make sure all civs are still playable at least)
These will allow you to play the such periods as "War of 1812", "The Opium War",
"The British Conquest of India", "The French-Indian Wars" and the "Barbary Wars".

Morroco (with the Power of the Sahara) based on Inca
UU: Berber Raider, Camel Corp, Barbary Pirates, Goum Tribesmen

China (with the Power of Culture) based on China
UU: Manchu Musketeer, Shaolin Monks, War Junk, Manchu Palace Guards

India (with the Power of Majesty) based on India
UU: Culverin Mahout, Gun Mahout, Sepoys, Jourk Rocketmen

Lakota (with the power of the Plains) based on Lakota
UU: Repeating rifle horse, Buffalo Braves, Archer Braves, Buffalo Riders, Horse Archer Brave, Eagle Feather Brave

Iroquois (with the Power of the Forest) based on Iroquois
UU: Okwari, Coyote Riders, Mohawk Warriors, Archer Braves, Horse Archer Brave, Eagle Feather Brave

America (with the Power of Innovation) based on America
UU: Continental Marines, Rangers, Mounted Riflemen, State Militia

Canada (with the Power of the Wilderness) based on Spain
UU: Red Coats, Courier du Bois, Native Auxilliary, Provincial Fensibles, Blackstump Brigade

* Reskinning and renamed many Wonders, plus a new concept of Wonder Unique Units!

* Enabled most of the CTW scenario rares, Pop cap raised to 500, larger map on Big Huge setting. * Can build extra farm at Large cities.
* Fortresses made much tougher (my tribute to Big Huge Games' Doug Kaufman).
* Certain Scenario Buildings and Units enabled and put in where appropriate.
* Enabled most of the CTW scenario rares.

PLUS other surprises!

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Rise of Napoleon ODA 1.03 (Tap) Mod =================================== By: "One_Dead_Angel" aka "One_Dead_Villy" aka Ray Tang Date: Mar 6, 2005 REMASTER...


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