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Use of units in campaign? (Games : Supreme Commander 2 : Mods : Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) : Forum : Mod Feedback and Support : Use of units in campaign?) Locked
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Feb 4 2012 Anchor

Is there any way to work around the units only existing in skirmish and multiplayer. I found that half the fun of modding forged alliances was bringing 3-4 mod packs with 100+ units each into the campaign and seeing the crazy strategies you could come up with agaisn't an AI that couldn't use the same units.

So what I am asking is if it is possible to use these units in the campaign.

And also I must add, are the balance changes applied without the standalone balance mod, so ifI play the campaign will there be 10x stronger megaliths on the first UEF mission?

I did atleast notice that some changes applied, namely the UEF acu cannon being homing and capable of firing while the ACU is capturing.

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