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SupCom2 Mod Manager.exe Crash (Games : Supreme Commander 2 : Mods : Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) : Forum : Mod Feedback and Support : SupCom2 Mod Manager.exe Crash) Locked
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Feb 27 2011 Anchor

Hi, as I posted in the comments, I seem to be having a problem with the mod manager. I cannot exactly tell what the problem is since Vista is giving me the generic "Program has stopped working" message. Ive updated my .NET 4.0 and tried several compatibility options yet the program still does not run. I really enjoyed the Beta 2 and I cannot wait to play this next version. Any help would be appreciated. =)

Feb 27 2011 Anchor

the same problem, better lay out the unpacked version (if available)

winrar unpacked and everything has gone!

Feb 27 2011 Anchor

Seems there some bug with the manager i didn't create it so i don't know whats wrong with it, for now you can unpack the revamp_expansion_mod.scd you will find the 4 scds like normal in side.


Feb 27 2011 Anchor

Aha, that works perfectly, thank you very much!

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