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Research points problem (Games : Supreme Commander 2 : Mods : Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) : Forum : Q&A for RVE 1.1B : Research points problem) Locked
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Apr 17 2013 Anchor

My friend has the game, patched up, has the DLC too; as mods he has the mod support, eco panel, eco mod, pillar mod, RV and RV balance mod. What I saw was possibly a problem regarding research points. Around 1 and a half hour in a skirmish game the accumulated amount of research points when reached sometimes 8, sometimes a bit more, sometimes 30 something, got reset to 0 (taken away), while the research panel wasn't even opened, or even if it was, he did not selected anything. It happened several times, seemingly randomly.

Apr 18 2013 Anchor

That is odd this version has been tested a lot by me in person and have never seen this problem please try reinstalling the mods.


Apr 19 2013 Anchor

All got reinstalled; tested again -though with different map and AI settings- but it happened again. More specifically, only after researching the second set of FA buildings.

Apr 19 2013 Anchor

Try this: Sometimes, for whatever reason, the non-modded supcom2 game files get corrupted. I mess up my game a lot. Therefore, I think re-installing the game and then re-installing the mod will help. Note: this isn't really "re-installing" the game, just re-downloading most of the game's data files. You won't lose any personal info or records.

How to:
1. Open steam.
2. Go to the games library.
3. Right-click on supcom2
4. Click properties.
5. Go to "Local Files"
6. Click "Verify integrity of game cache"
7. Once it's done, you have a clean, unmodded supcom2 again. Try reinstall the mod and see if your problem occurs again.

I'd bet that this'll solve it. But if it doesn't, report back, of course...


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