Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) A Supreme Commander 2 Complete Overhaul / Total Conversion Mod

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Mar 4 2011 Anchor
If your having problems install the revamp expansion mod or using the Supcom2 Mod manager i have created a short video brief just to show you a view on things, The video also includes a short overview on the new tech toggle feature and how its used in game.


Install and Tech Toggle Brief by OverRated

!!How to install Revamp Expansion with out the mod manager!!
when you download the mod you will get a rar file unzip the mod then you be left with the revamp_expansion_mod.scd simply open it with your unzipping software (winrar) and you will find the normal scds inside now just move them into your game data folder like normal, For new people using the mod read below.

This replaces the standard bp.scd, lua.scd and z_lua_dlc1.scd so if you want to try it remember to back up the originals 1st.
Move all 3 files to C:\>>>installDirectory<<

!!How to install when using the mod manager!!
Open up the SC2 mod manager click on add locate the Revamp_Expanison_Mod.scd click ok wait a few seconds for the manager to load the mod, After its been added to the list you can now ether back up the mod or delete it because it's now installed on your system.

Make sure you remove all old mod scds and replace the bp, lua and z_lua_dlc1 with the originals before using the mod manager.

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May 24 2011 This post has been deleted.
May 24 2011 This post has been deleted.
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