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Feb 15 2011 Anchor

Here is a list of things i hope to see improved in the final release:

1) Building icons and unit icons same colour and style as originale units and buildings ( light blue ).
2) Remove the classic buildings from the original enginers, classic only on classic engineers.
3) Add icons of mass and energy and conversion to building icons.
4) Tab 1 classic engineers have defences and factories. Tab 2 the resource buildings and tab 3 the experimental buildings.
5) a working unit cap of 1000+ (the 2000 unit cap doesn't seem to work).
6) implement a script where the AI saves resources for experimentals. with the high prices they never seem to reach it.

i hope you can use this

i am trying to create new icons... i`m just no professional artist

good luck..

Feb 26 2011 Anchor

The icons will stay the same for now i don't have time to create over 130+ new icons (But the mass and energy symbols will be done in future releases)
There is no classic engineers any more because the weren't needed in the upcoming release ( This mite change again in future releases)
The tabs have been set up different in the final release let me know if there any better.
2000 unit cap works fine revamp supports 500,1000,1500 and 2000 use the tool in the download selection to change your cap, if you join again and the host has it set to 1000 your will auto reset to that.
Improving the AI is some think thats a long process it will become better over time

Thanks for the feedback.


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