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Game closes for friend? (Games : Supreme Commander 2 : Mods : Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) : Forum : Mod Feedback and Support : Game closes for friend?) Locked
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Mar 19 2013 Anchor

Ok her is the problem me andmy friend and i want to play the mod so badly the mod opens normal and plays fine for me but every time he opens his SC2 with mod manager it opens then closes no errors no nothing the Vanilla game works fine for him but when launched with the mod manager it keeps doing this . please someone help we want to play this BADLY!!! :cry:

Mar 20 2013 Anchor

Does he have the DLC the only will only close if its not patched to 1.260 also he may need to verify his game in steam.


Mar 20 2013 Anchor

Yes he has the dlc and the game is patched he verified the game and that didn't work :|

Is there anyway to fix or do this?

Is their any way to fix this?

Apr 11 2013 Anchor

You can try installing it manually with out the mod manager by copying the files into your gamedata folder a new manager will be out very soon.

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