Hi people. I'm starting a new mod. If you have played my L4D2 campaigns you will recognize the map, but this time I'm porting it to Half Life 2! That means a total new experience. I don't know the exact release day but I'm sure it will be ready in a few months. Stay tuned!

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Diet-Coke says

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At first I was sceptical about this mod, but after beating the final boss fight I changed my mind. It was a blast. This is a very interesting way to re-tell RE1 story with a piece of Half-Life 2 to go along with it, even though at some moments it looked weird, but I guess that's the point.

There is still room for improvement and extra stuff to be added though.

Overall this is a very good work, a lot of effort has been put into this.


Blood_Wraith says

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Classic RE1 Campaign with a Half-Life 2 twist!


Mr.Guido says

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