"Reissues" is a community compilation of 30 single player Half-Life 1 levels authored by a mix of various designers. Each one has created their own unique, self-contained chapter: you'll spelunk into ancient Egyptian tombs, scale mile-high cliff sides, and fight your way through several clever re-imaginings of Black Mesa - among other exciting setpieces! Why did we bother squeezing this last bit of mileage out of a decade-old game engine? Because Half-Life 1 offers a unique feel and aesthetic that makes it a timeless classic; because great gun fights remain great fun fights, even without shiny next-gen graphics; because we love what we do, and we hope you'll love it too.

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Half-Life has always been praised for it's quality maps, And Mappers to this day continue to amaze me with how they make maps and give them diverse Indenties.

"ReIssues" is a mod consisting of many mappers works all put together into one mod, It also brings together some new ideas not seen in Half-Life:Scripted transportation, Pitched Battles in close quarters, and new mod exclusive models.

The mod is very challenging but not Impossibly challenging, While some may complain about the lack of Ammo in some areas, This mod still gives you many ways to kick the enemies ***.


Great mod with an exceptional quality for collaboration work.

Great mod!

Pretty good. Most of the maps are fun. Except for encamped; and cyan.

Great mod but not many maps:(.

Having been a big fan of issues, this mod didn't fail to deliver non-sequential levels with attempts to build a story around it :D

The levels are as diverse as they are unique, and while there issues (No pun intended) with some graphical hitches and the overall length is disappointing, I won't lie I had a blast playing this :)

This one forgoes the overall goal of the last one and just allows you to choose which map you want to play. The story never mattered so its no loss, but these maps are considerable less length and quality than the last batch. The Egyptian map while invented and unique, was quite short that it felt unsatisfying. Same goes for the Its Safer Here which pits you against combine (that don't sound like combine) and just suddenly ends after barely 10 minutes.
Cyan however is where things go better, it still has a unique feel (higher tech outpost- a magazine you find suggests its set in future) and the mod has some good length but AI pathfinding issues bring it down a bit ..a annoying scientist that keeps refusing to follow you eventhough he said he wanted to go to the lobby and open a door for you -_-
Second Breath was very good level design and the location blew me away in its detail,
Echo Transit was quite a bit of fun and just goes to show that simple level design can be fun if you have a characters that talk to you and some objectives to do.... Satellite Trouble was somewhat ordinary IMO as well as Encampment & Lab Coats Required.
Overall, I'm disappointed with the maps.


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