Works best with q2pro client(mainly best v_model bobbing). This is a Single/Multiplayer mod full of gameplay enhancements and tweaks. Basically this adds some mechanics from next gen shooters like Half-Life/Counter-strike and also some of my own. Imagine Quake II being released *after* Half-Life or even Counter-strike and being developed by a radically different team and NOT lame modernised like q4. There are also some single player changes including better AI. Not surpassing "Stroggs Gone Mad"(yet), but I try to make the enemies harder as best as I currently can. If you like the mod consider donating to: (or any other way) This will ensure future updates. Patreon:

Post news Report RSS v0.5 is *almost* here !

I realise that there's at least a few of you that await the new version, so I think I'll give you some heads up.

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Along many things I've done I've encountered a really nasty bug that prevent movement and normal damage - radius damage works somehow when this bug happens. What it does is just almost everyone is stuck in their place (even in mid air) and normal damage stops working. This is obviously an issue with "trace" function and I just gotta figure out why this happens. I've already figured out that it affects differently different clients(like 3.24, q2pro etc.) This all is because I want to make the (hyperblaster and railgun) projectiles touching but passing through enemies and this requires special code, that Quake2 engine wasn't designed for :)).

When I fix the bug I will release new version which include (along many minor stuff and other major things I forgot, because there's so many of them...):

-secondary attack for like half of the weapons(like actually a *useful* secondary attack like firing a weapon in different mode or "switching" between different modes) I would like to add secondary attack for all weapons - I just got to figure a useful secondary function for the guns that ware left without it.

-even more extended weapon and v_model bobbing

-v_model affects where you aim and is no longer random - it looks and works really cool when you jump around and shoot with like a machinegun(or smg really...) - also turning around affects v_model(ie. where you point your gun and actually *aim*) in a bigger scale and in a more complicated way, so it's not immediate to turn hard and point the gun there - there is a delay, and it's different for different weapons and modes. I reduced it enough to be existant but not frustrating or overdone(it was hugely overdone originally and more frustrating then fun)

-reverse running animation! Needed to be coded to play the running animation backwards when player is moving more backwards than forward(apart many additional coding)

-footsteps that match the player animation (was really hard to code and it's not like 100% accurate, but like 95% and it's light years better then original code which was like opposite of consistency and totally didn't match players animation)

-falling heights sticks you to "land" animation and kinda slows you down for a second or two to let you actually land like in real life - great thing for immersion and simulating real world, but kinda slowing game a bit - a tradeoff which this mod doesn't get scared to make...

-armor saves only 10% of falldamage

-shotgun, super shotgun, machinegun, chaingun and railgun - all fire projectiles with bullet/pellet drop and they are no longer a hitscan type of weapon - funny thing that I extrapolated the railgun caliber from ammo pickups(slugs) and I came up with like 32.660(mass in grams) * muzzle velocity of machinegun(21600 u/ps / 2 cause for now I divide all muzzle velocities by two mainly cause q2 has 10hz server tickrate/framerate) * 16.68(caliber in millimeters) that gives roughly 400+ damage for railgun for now and I kinda like it cause it has significant(about one second) delay and other weapons are so much deadlier then originals(apart bobbing your head significally when hit) - so railgun becamed instagib - not intented! It also has 50 radius explode damage when hitting world!

-*kinda* realistic shotgun pellet spread, different for shotgun(short barrel) and super shotgun(medium barrel) - roughly match pellet spread in real life - really hard to hit cause the pellets are not as spread apart(compared to original) but are quite a lot more deadly. The spread function uses now "Mersenne Twister" algorithm for randomness(which is propably a randomness overkill but hell, f*** yeah!) Spread function also uses two spread values for shotgun and three for super shotgun to match real life spread of different barrel length. It's a simplification of real life but still quite sophisticated for a game. Shotgun and supershotgun now use 8 pellet "#00 Buck" 12 gauge shells.

-dynamic player max forward and max sideways running speed based on current weapon and state, damage from fall or leg damage, damage overall

-extended concussion effect(and blackening of the screen) to falldamage

-every player is spawned with a "power screen" energy armor(and additional 50 cell ammo) which only works forward

-much more responsive refiring of weapons, most noticable in machinegun


I also camed up with an idea(only idea for now) to take this mod from ffa to objective based teamplay which would include features like:

-earth vs. stroggos

-objectives like turn off the lasers, shutdown factory or power(or something other),

-obviously new (quality) maps especially designed for this type of gameplay and consistant with q2 single player theme, and as huge as they could be (+/- 4096 units is the limit)


So yeah thats the end of the news and whish me luck with that major bug cause it's really hard to track.

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