An expansion/overhaul mod of epic proportions, with entirely rebalanced gameplay, expanded factions, new gametypes, graphical overhauls, and five new factions; stealth-based Confederate Revolutionaries, tower defense-inspired Atomic Kingdom of China, economy-focused Mediterranean Syndicate, DotA-esque Order of the Talon and spammy Electrical Protectorate.

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May 28 2011 Anchor

Post your strenghs and weakneses,i mean in red alert 3,like what are your good things and bad things while playing. You will understand if you read below:

My strenghts:
-Flexibile but weak units overuse.
-If there are no attacks overuse of advanced defences expected.
-Following the strenght 2,tank spamming expected.
-Brute force tactics such as Kirov strikes are used.

My weakneses:
-Mostly building alot of defenseless buildings,but following the strenght 2 can result in winning.
-Units are not beig used alot.
-Lack of strategics,but if strenght 4 is followed then this should be no problem.
-Mostly attacking when battle is nearly over.
-Scouts rarely used.

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GriffinZ I like puppies :D
May 28 2011 Anchor

The allmighty GriffinZ strenghts:
-Brute force. Apocalypse Tanks, Kirovs and Dreadnaugts the absolute favourite late game, mid-game hammers and sickles hold the line. Plus a shitload of Conscripts for good measure.
-Combined arms. The GriffinZ never uses only one unit branch.
-Not one step back! GriffinZ always picks his battles, he will sacrifice what is needed to stay alive. Expansions and main base alike.
-We shall never surrender! GriffinZ will always try to retreat and regroup to fight another day.
-Hard counters.
-Cost efficeny over K/D ratio. GriffinZ aren't afraid of telling hundreds of wifes why their husbands aren't coming home. As long as the enemy lost more hardware in the process.
-Terror Balance. Doesn't put much effort in protocolls and really only uses them in ideal situations. Most of the game they are loaded and waiting for these. However if he is fighting for his life, be prepared for desperate area denial and such.

GriffinZ weakneses:
-Combined arms are costly early game. For the cash GriffyZ put on a warfactory, barracks and airfield, an enemy can produce a rushing force and take GriffyZ with his pants down.
-Doesn't gamble, GriffinZ only expand if he think he know he can hold it. This results a loss of momentum.
-Tactics and Strategy. The GriffinZ can only focus on one of these crucial parts at the same time.
-Pincer Manouvers, Incase he is fighting a losing battle, he will try to retreat. Cut his route and you cut his throat.
-Gods of War. If surounded he will dig in and fortify his possition to prepare an outbrake. Most often then not, his lines will fall to the Gods of War, artillery, before he managed to gather streanght.
-"Lame, unfair and support units". Streanghts are measured in numbers , like quantity, armour thickness and calibre. Weapons that shrinks these numbers or shatters them like ice are against his own geneva convention. Soldiers fielding such weapons will not be shown mercy.
-Empire of the Rising sun. As a fanatical follower of picking battles depening of hard counters, transformers mess with his tactics and mind.
-Scouts only really in the early game.

GearsGoAwryMan bizzare mastermind
May 28 2011 Anchor

My strenghts:

my utter randomness. you didn't expect that kirov producing airbase to lie directly behind your backcliff did you? and those stingrays were totally not coming from my docks while we were fighting on land.

My weaknesses:

my utter randomness. i tried using a naval/air allied starting build.and anvils against hammers (tough they did a good job). moreover i usually ignore commonly used strategies for my own weird ideas.

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Medic wrote: I have no idea!

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Protroid Head of the Paradox Closed Beta Team
May 28 2011 Anchor

Protroid Strenghts;

Shhh. Protroid's base is always PAWI'd making it almost impossible to find.
Strike Force. Protroid adapts to his enemies tactics and sends units to especially counter them.
Not one step back! Whenever he sends out a strike force, its almost always to the death.
Harrasser. Protroid loves to harrass an enemie's economy and power supply in order for them to divert credits away from building units.
I am everywhere. Protroid can have expansions stealthed and producing units, sometimes using his main base as a meer distraction.
This real? Protroid is also known to use fake buildings to trick his enemies.
Choker: Its not unlikely that he placed pillboxes and turrets near that narrow valley!

Protroid Weaknesses

Uh, scouts? Protroid rarely scouts
SCOUTS! Seeing as Protroid rarely places defenses other than PAWI towers, scouts are often used to find his bases.
You know how much this costs?! PAWI towers take up much of his early game economy, a simple rush can beat him in this state


Quick its 2am! Do you know where your base is?

May 28 2011 Anchor


"The best defense is a good offense" tactics involving constant pressure.
Desire to use unorthodox tactics can surprise enemies.


Deep hatred for towers, to the point of using them less than others.
Desire to use unorthodox tactics can lead to impractical wastes of time and money.

May 29 2011 Anchor


As Japan, you can never go wrong.

Likes to make several early-mid game pushes to probe the enemy.

Remember men, we have more numbers!
Given enough time I will always try to get the economic advantage and launch a wtf bbq steam rolling army.

Sneering Imperialist
Would always keep sending the same units and same strategy despite the previous expedition getting exterminated convinced that the strategy is working and it needs some time to work.

Sometimes convinced that nothing can penetrate my line of towers

May 29 2011 Anchor

Fast build up: With a crusher crane as the first building being built, bases and defenses can be set up quite fast.
Concentration: Will build defenses very early to stall rush attempts or completely stop them, until he can crush the enemy with needless brutality and numbers.
Ultima Ratio: Likes ultimate weapons
Heavy weapons: If he survives long enough, he will pump out the heavyest weapons he can get, en mass.

Inefficient economy: Will have whether insufficient or much unused funds.
No multitasking: Will always come only from one direction.
Expan...what? : Is not likely to expand at all to simplify his defense.
Straightforward: vulnerable against flanking.

May 30 2011 Anchor

Spamming of cheap/semicheap units (ie 40 minutemen is a 'basic' force)
Steamrolling spam (ie build up for one last battle) when possible (as in 40 Beagles, 20 Mastiffs, 20 Lees at a time)
Teching up.

Problems with economy (until the Syndicate...)
Bad at multitasking.
Easily distracted.
Keeps trying ineffective tactics even if they fail (sometimes multiple times :p)
I have no idea what I am doing. Ever.

SоrataZ 49 63 6f 6e 20 41 72 74 69 73 74
May 30 2011 Anchor

Making stuff for the mod.

Playing the mod.


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May 30 2011 Anchor

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Finishing written stuff.

May 31 2011 Anchor

-Tech fairly quickly
- Mainly use powerful units
- often use aircraft and protocols
- teamwork
-don't build many towers and no units while teching up
- use only small amounts of one type of unit
- will send aircraft through and against heavy AA fire cause I don't care about losses
- if something didn't work, I just replace my losses and try again
- Cannot multi task or micromanage
- do not use scouts

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Jun 2 2011 Anchor

Little weakness update:

Base needs a super reactor every minute,what an un power efficent base,safe though.

GriffinZ I like puppies :D
Jun 3 2011 Anchor

i never feel safe with super reactors around D:

Imagine if they send like all their protocolls against it and suicide a century flock against them? D:

Jun 3 2011 Anchor

The random guy's strengths:
versatility- I can use every faction relatively well
annoying- irritating to play against regardless
relatively fast teching
can use nearly any unit tree

Cramped- a superweapon will destroy me
indecisive- can't decide what faction to play, what branch to use, what expansion to mine
expands like molasses- I don't expand until late
annoying but not base razing- I have trouble mopping up the enemy

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Jul 10 2011 Anchor

norm0616 wrote:
annoying but not base razing- I have trouble mopping up the enemy

Many that face me in FFA regret not mopping me up :P

Jul 10 2011 Anchor

-grab ore fast for an economic lead
-always have a defensive line in the eary game
-become heavy turtle that creeps outward slowly in the late game

-have trouble hard countering builds
-harassment is pitiful
- have some difficulties managing money early on.

Volkenstein He Needs A Title
Jul 12 2011 Anchor

-Team Player! when teaming up with others will gladly do what he can to help them, be with defence or units
-Picking up Steam! if given enough time and room will quickly field a mishmash of whatever he can grab till he hits a critical mass
-Fort Fielder! has a fondess of heavy defences and using them to push the line

-So Ronery! while willing to help his teammates, by himself he can be passive and timid
-Puttering Out! if pressured early or if his massed attack fails he tends to lose focus and just about all momentum, resorting to chucking everything he has or bunkering up for round 2, leaving the map to enemy
-Turning into a Camping Ground! hes timidness tends to lend itself to him using very defensive tactics, more content to sit in his base and plot rather than going out to the field to act


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