An expansion/overhaul mod of epic proportions, with entirely rebalanced gameplay, expanded factions, new gametypes, graphical overhauls, and five new factions; stealth-based Confederate Revolutionaries, tower defense-inspired Atomic Kingdom of China, economy-focused Mediterranean Syndicate, DotA-esque Order of the Talon and spammy Electrical Protectorate.

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Feb 19 2012 Anchor

The Confederate Appalachian Division (C.A.D.)

A small group of the Confederacy, the C.A.D. is a branch from the Eastern part of the U.S. and do not have as much supporters as the th rest of the group. Since they are no where near the locations a majority of the Confederates have gotten their vehicles they have found different boneyards and scrap heaps the supply their troops with vehicles.

Color: A pale or darker yellow

Building: Fortified Warehouse

Playstyle: Early game rushing


Battle Truck

Cost: 350

Description: Just a rusty old pick-up truck with soldiers riding in the back with assorted firearms

Weapon(s): Mainly rifles, anti-infantry machine guns at heroic level

Secondary: Switch to throwing Concussion grenades, makes enemy troops disoriented like the Allied Attack dogs bark

Niche it fills: Scout, weak anti-infantry unit


Cost: 100

Description: A civilian that has volunteered to take up arms on behalf of the Confederacy.

Weapon(s): A rifle, machine gun at heroic level

Secondary: Makes unit stealthed while standing still but takes away his ability to fire his weapon

Niche it fills: early game infantry unit

Grizzly Tank

Cost: 500

Description: A salvaged tank from the Second Great War

Weapon(s): medium damage anti-tank cannons

Secondary: Switch to frag rounds, The crew switches to anti-infantry rounds that do little damage to vehicles and kill infantry quickly, but at the cost of longer reload times.

Niche it fills: Anti-vehicle

Cost: 300

Description: A soldier that has deserted the Allies to fight for their country

Weapon(s): Light machine gun

Secondary: Switch to anti-air rockets

Niche it fills: Anti-vehicle/air infantry

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Feb 19 2012 Anchor

Suggestions like this should go on the wiki.


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