This mod will replace all units and structures with new ones which in my opinion should actually be in RA2. It's very strange that RA2 has WW2 units and weapons design while in RA1 all of the technologies were much more modern. Technologies in RA2 oddly have left back in the past and I have decided to correct this.
In the mod there will be both old RA1 units and many new ones. This mod does not change story of RA2 and YR, it's only unit and building replacement. But maybe I will change some missions a little.

Main goal - is recreate old RA-feeling for RA2.

Full credit list:
Lefthand: loading screens and flags, troop crawler, battlefortess,
LaoTze: toxin trooper, Volkov, soviet rifle infantry,
MigEater: Scud launcher, A10, Abrams, Allied Airfield, paradrop plane, Allied Carrier, Apache longbow, Chinook, An-124
liyigg: MAD tank, Yak-9
Chrono Loony: flamethrower,
Lin Kuei Ominae: Cannon Fire effect, and plasma guns for Eclipse fighter
Longwall: heavy tank, prism tank, Mi-8 transport
shin.peter.pan (Issly): Shilka, Sturmovik, Apocalypse tank
Melle: soviet naval transport,
MadHQ: terrain, spining gap generator, Yuri's refinery, Soviet sam site, Soviet SubPen
Tony: Grad, Cruiser
LtRyan: Soviet Airfield
Ra2Killer: Allied War factory, soviet nuclear reactor
Azri_apoc: tank destroyer, F-15, Abrams tank
Stingerr: mirage tank, Mi-24,
Dark Elf 2001: sidewinder
Kaiser: APC voxel, allied light tank
Seven800: AA gun
spider-man_2099: Yuri's boat,
BrianPrime: soviet control bar, iron curtain shp, soviet wall
Chriz: sea scorpion,
ArgCmdr: Yuri's ore truck, Satelite uplink,
Mustang: Soviet bomber
DaFool: Soviet rpg soldier, allied GI
Raminator: grenadier, Yuri's stinger, Allied miner
Muldrake: stealth tank
Stygs: Yuri's light tank
KaRsKiN: chrono tank
Ranger: M-110 howitzer
Asvnix: soviet carrier
CnC Revolution Team: soviet ore refinery, soviet missile ship
ConMan: tesla tank
partyzanPaulZy: WarMiner

Sorry if i forgot someone

This mod requires latest version of NPatch
You can download it here:

P.P.S. Sorry for my English :)


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New War mod. Beta 1

New War mod. Beta 1

Full Version 16 comments

New war is released now :) Greetings, comrades! I create this mod to make game as true sequel of RA1 and kill this cartoony feeling.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 131)

About this mod material ... I 'd like to ask, is this a public material´╝č

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Why are all the good mods dead?

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black_drakon said
"Now i am learning RA3 modding and busy in real life. But i not forgot good old YR :)
With Ares patch i can now make some interest features that i planned but can't make in mod. This means my mod will be converted for use Ares patch
I will release new version after new Ares Patch version with NPatch features because i want to keep some features like parabombs and airstrikes in my mod.
What will be new?
Now i can make things that i want to add:
a) Laser fence for Yuri (will look different not like in TS)
b) And BARRIER super weapon for Soviets.
And some of classic features like enemy radar spying"

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How to make it work for regular Red Alert 2 (not Yuri Revenge only) campaign ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

cant be played
os: win 7 64 bits
nvdia gts 250

downloaded the files and extracted on RA2 folder...downloaded Npatch and installed on the same folder..

in-game>>> power plants and refinery can be buid ONLY

help !!
mod look great. help

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some missing files

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The best mod for RA2 I've ever played. 10/10 :D That is the red aler what should be :D

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Is there a new patch on the way ?

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I have fallen in love with this mod, no ****. I do have to appologize thought for making a few personal changes in the rules.ini.

Any who, think you could get someone to make a voxel to replace the Aegis cruiser? See if someone could make a voxel of the Ticonderoga class CG.

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Great mod, but in vain, in my opinion, made Scud main rocket launcher, FROG, or in Russian "Moon", would look more plausible. And so, all super!

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Black_Drakon Creator

Frog-7 or Luna-M was used during GWW2 by soviets in first RA.
I think they need some upgrade
And Scud is soviet weapon.

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