Enjoy the original Doom3 / RoE campaign (or any custom map) with reworked and more convincing weaponry. This mod changes all weapons to be more realistic. Weapon definitions, weapon scripts and weapon sounds have been changed. Doom 3 weapon sounds have been replaced with sounds from real guns. (HK USP 45, 12 gauge shotgun, 10 gauge shotgun, FN P90, frag grenade) This mod does not alter the game's weapon balance or difficulty level. Creating this mod took more than 95 hours. Includes a target range map for weapon familiarisation.

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I'm ******* love this mod. I hate the ridiculous spread, stupid chaingun reload and sniper pistol xD

Wonderful Mod, does everything it should and nothing it shouldn't. About the only thing I wish was changed is the new gun-mounted flashlight has unlimited battery, and the shotgun loads one shell at a time, but I'm extremely happy with this mod.

I've played this mod in the past, it accomplishes what it's set out to do, the only thing that could need more work is realistic particles, but other than that, the new recoil is great, I will be using some of that recoil in my own weapons mod. The sound effects are realistic as well as the animations. Even some as one as me who's more into futuristic weapons, i would still play this mod once in a while. Even though this isn't a overhaul gameplay mod, it does have the potential, so making realistic health, hit scales and damage would make this a much more bone chilling experience. But there are mods out there like overthinked which have nailed it on the head. Still very good work for a weapons mod!


Very good indeed. I hope you also do similar work in Doom 4(No reload? blargh)


All this mod does is to change the weapons of Doom 3, yet you feel a completely new experience - MUCH better new experience. I never thought that just a weapon pack could make the Doom 3 experience so much better. The statistics of each weapon are perfectly balanced, and the sound is strong and powerful. Stop reading this, just fire up this mod with Doom 3 - Trust me you will never go back to vanilla Doom 3.

Definitely a 10 out of 10.


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