The Ridder Clan Mod is a modification for The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II & for The Lord of the Ring: The Battle for Middle-Earth II, The Rise of the Witch-King.Our main focus is to bring into the games the fantasy of the movies but at the same time merging with our own ideas. In 8 years of existence we always tried to listen to our fans because this is indeed a mod for fans made by fans.

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Jan 19 2014 Anchor

THis mod is great and ive been haveing alot of fun playing it. Every time i start it up tho i get some big red words telling me to report bugs so i felt like i should do tht. heres what i've found:
- The rohan banner carriers are bright pnik
- The serpent guard unit from the men of the east cannot attack or capture buildings
- the expansion point spots around the rohan fortress are invisible, and if you do click them and build something as soon as its finished building it becomes invisible as well
- the rohan ai does nothing
- the men of the east ai only builds farms and watchtowers, and when it is destroyed the game crashes
- the men of the east and rohan both cannot use custom heros
- the men of the easts fortress upgrades all cost only 1 resource, also the fortress has no expansion points
- the new elven units added to the lorien barracks have no pictures in the little circles u click to recriut them
- the power that the rohan fortress gets as an upgrade costs 3000 but after i bought it i could not find a way to use it, it was not in the fortress menu like the isengard mordor and dwarven powers are.
- the kataphracts from the men of the east have upgradable options that have pictures similar to gondor knights, however these cannot be bought even if you've bought heavy armour or forged blades from the armory.
Thts all ive found so far but if i run into more ill be sure to tell u, the mods awesome and im looking forward to the next release, hopefully with arnor??? als maybe u could add more dale units to the dwarves?? or make them there own faction?? tho that might be a stretch. either way thanks for the mod and hope this helps

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