Ran-no-Jidai is a mod for Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion that focuses on the civil war that engulfed feudal Japan following the Onin War and the weakening of the Ashikaga Shogunate. The project has been running for a long time and has appeared on various modding communities under a string of different names and with a number of different contributors, although the current leader of the project, Kagemusha has been a part of the Shogun Mod-Team, which is working on the mod, since an earlier incarnation. The main objectives of the mod are to harness the RTW engine to create a modification which accurately depicts what was one of the most renowned and longest running civil-conflicts in history, re-create the unique atmosphere and gameplay that made Shogun Total War such a success amongst gamers and to provide an alternative flavor of game to fans of the Total War series.

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the game is great but the gun unit is to powerful. it has lost the tactics of the game
4 unit can fight against 1 full stack
1 full stack can fight against 5 full stack although in very hard mode

very good mod, unique and superb


goaere says

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Great mod, great audio, very stable, much fun :)it's like shogun tw on RTW platform. I enjoy playing it


Best !


A Very excellent mod

Some complain that the latest total war games don't work right that they don't like the engine and a lot of people see the first Rome as a highlight for the total war series well if Shogun 2 wasn't your thing this should redeem it completely while i am a big fan of shogun 2 this mod has proven worth my time just as much perhaps being even better and i highly recommend playing this and seeing for yourself why its worth such a good score.


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